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Himeji Castle is a hilltop Japanese castle complex situated in the city of Himeji which is located in the Hyōgo Prefecture of Japan. The castle is regarded as the finest surviving example of prototypical Japanese castle architecture, comprising a network of 83 rooms with advanced defensive systems from the feudal period. The castle is frequently known as Hakuro-jō or Shirasagi-jō because of its brilliant white exterior and supposed resemblance to a bird taking flight.Himeji Castle dates to 1333, when Akamatsu Norimura built a fort on top of Himeyama hill. The fort was dismantled and rebuilt as Himeyama Castle in 1346, and then remodeled into Himeji Castle two centuries later. Wikipedia


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JR West Official: Kansai-Airport Express HARUKA TICKET One Way

Osaka Tennoji Zoo, Osaka

The Kansai-Airport Express "HARUKA" is a convenient and comfortable limited express train which directly links Kansai Airport with stations in the major cities in Kansai such as Tennoji, Shin-Osaka and Kyoto. From Kansai-airport Station, it takes approximately 35 minutes to Tennoji, 50 minutes to Shin- Osaka and 80 minutes to Kyoto. Sixty trains (30 round-trips) run every day. The Hello Kitty HARUKA is operated as a regularly scheduled train within the normal HARUKA special express network. At present, only certain trains of this railroad line are run as “Hello Kitty HARUKA” selections.Schedules vary by day, and there are also dates on which the Hello Kitty HARUKA isn’t operated at all.

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Things to do in Osaka : Tennoji Zoo 天王寺動物園

osaka #osakatravel #zoo #japan #japantravel #天王寺動物園.

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TENNOJIZOO #OSAKAVLOGS Finally! We are out and about with my Pusafam =) This zoo is super close to our house! As in 7 ...

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Visiting Tennoji Zoo, Zoo in Osaka, Japan

Tennōji Zoo (天王寺動物園?) is located at Tennōji Park in Tennōji-ku, Osaka, Japan, opened on January 1, 1915. For more detail ...

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Tennoji Zoo | Osaka Japan * Dani Travel TV

Tennoji Zoo | Osaka Japan * DTTV Tennoji Zoo is located at Tennoji Park in Osaka. The Tennoji Zoo price is 500 yen for adults ...

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