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All Terrain Vehicle tour the Newfoundland Wilderness

The Newfoundland Pub, Ottawa

During our eight hour All Terrain Vehicle tour you can see Loons, ducks, grouse or Ptarmigan, beavers in their own habitat as well as the possibility of seeing moose. We travel the old rail-bed and other local ATV trails to view the flora and fauna of the area as well as the other wildlife. Many different species of birds are available to see. On your own individual Honda ATV you will handle your own machine through the wilds of Newfoundland on this locally guided tour. It is a great relaxing way to view your surroundings. We stop along the way to have a  traditional in the woods boil up.Enjoy your meal with an open fire and a cup o tea in the natural surroundings.  We include your overnight accommodations in this price at our exclusive hostel. Rooms based on a minimum of double occupancy. Rooms have internet, refrigerator, microwave and storage for your equipment

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