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Giverny is a commune in the northern French department of Eure. The village is located on the "right bank" of the river Seine at its confluence with the river Epte. It lies 80 km west-northwest of Paris, in the old province of Normandy. It is best known as the location of Claude Monet's garden and home. Wikipedia


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taking it slow in giverny | dreamiest french breakfast, the claude monet gardens, paris side trip

here's to a sufjan stevens spring! giverny can be done as a day trip but we decided to stay there overnight to enjoy the full ...

June 5, 2022

a﹡healing﹡trip to Giverny, France 🌾| Biking, Nature & Visiting Monet's House | Life in France VLOG

To book 1on1 paid consultations with me please e-mail me at: [email protected] Pick your date: ...

August 15, 2021

Day trip from Paris *Including Tips | Giverny, Monet's Gardens

While visiting Paris I highly recommend taking a day to explore outside of the big city and visit the 2nd mast visited tourist ...

June 18, 2022

Paris Travel Day Trip to Monet's Gardens in Giverny France to get some photos!

Check out my new video: We head to Giverny France to visit Monet's home and ...

May 29, 2019

How to get to Giverny from Paris by train

DISTANTLANDS #daytripparis #Giverny One of the most iconic images of Impressionist art is Claude ...

October 24, 2018

What to do in Giverny after seeing Monet's House & Gardens

Sweet shops, cosy cafes and art galleries are all waiting for you to explore in Giverny, the hometown of Impressionist painter ...

October 14, 2019

Paris - Giverny and Monet's Garden

Relax in Giverny and admire Monet's Garden on trip from Paris. Book your Giverny and Monet's Garden tours here: ...

April 1, 2015

GIVERNY, France | Claude Monet's house and flower paradise ♡

READ FOR ADVICE !! So Giverny is such a charming little village, but its reputation makes it extremely busy and touristic !

July 21, 2019

A Relaxing Day In Giverny, France 💐 *biking to claude monet's house* 🚲

fun activities in this vid monet's foundation: monet's foundation tickets: ...

June 10, 2022

CLAUDE MONET'S Garden + Full House Tour! GIVERNY, France 2020 | 4K

Claude Monet was a famous French painter, a founder of French Impressionist painting. He lived for forty-three years, from 1883 ...

September 17, 2020

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