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Le Grand Rex is a Parisian cinema and concert venue. Wikipedia


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Paris City Self-Guided Tours and Behind the Scenes Tour of the Grand Rex

Grand Rex, Paris

You'll be swept away to the intriguing world of the silver screen, explore numerous sets, and experience what it's like to be a director, projectionist, and actor on a 50-minute audio-guided tour of this monument to French cinematic legacy. The Grand Rex is a true temple with 2800 rooms that have been brought to the majesty of the Seventh Art. Its Art Deco architecture, which has been on the Grands Boulevards de Paris since 1932, as well as its starry vault and baroque and Mediterranean decors, distinguish it as a unique cinema in Europe. Save time for the city self-guided tours in Paris, that we will offer as a bonus, including - Monmartre tour - City center - Beautiful hidden streets of Paris - Street Art in Paris These tours are available in the Lokimo app, which includes ready-to-go itinerary, GPS navigation, sightseeing descriptions, tips by a local guide.

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