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The Chestnut Hill East Line is a route of the SEPTA Regional Rail system. The route serves the northwestern section of Philadelphia with service to Germantown, Mount Airy, and Chestnut Hill. It is one of two lines that serve Chestnut Hill, the other one being the Chestnut Hill West Line. The line is fully grade-separated. Wikipedia


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Weekend in the Chestnut Hill, PA

Chestnut Hill is a great place to spend one of your weekend days. We would like to recommend walking on Germantown Avenue, ...

November 22, 2020

Top 10 Things to do in PHILADELPHIA | Philly Travel Guide

Top 10 Philadelphia Get our Philadelphia PDF travel guide for ONLY $4.99 By purchasing our ...

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August 22, 2021

Walking down Chestnut Hill

I will be walking down Germantown Ave in Chestnut Hill. I will be showing some of the shops and speaking of whats around in the ...

November 14, 2020

Moving to Chestnut Hill Philadelphia - Full Vlog Tour

Moving to Chestnut Hill Philadelphia - Full Vlog Tour Chestnut Hill's main street, Germantown Avenue, is a treasure trove of shops ...

October 16, 2020

Chestnut Hill in Philadelphia - More Wonderful Sites

We take you on another tour of the Chestnut Hill section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A museum, a college, beautiful homes, ...

March 3, 2022

Shop with me at farmers market | #philadelphia chestnut hill farmers Market

philadelphia This is what happened at local farmers market in chestnut hill farmer's Market, near Germantown Ave Philadelphia ...

July 11, 2021


Today we share the 8 best things to do in Philadelphia, including what to see in Old City Philadelphia, the best places to see in ...

July 8, 2022

Philadelphia USA. Things to Do and See in Philly. From Center City to Kensington.

Philadelphia is the sixth largest city in the US. One of the most beautiful cities in America. It's where you find Rocky steps and ...

January 9, 2022

Top 13 OFFBEAT Things to do in Philadelphia (Number 1 is a Secret)😮

Top 13 OFFBEAT Things to do in Philadelphia (Number 1 is a Secret) This is a guide to the top 13 places to see in Philadelphia ...

July 3, 2020

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