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Paracas Buss National Reserve

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The Paracas National Reserve is part of the National System of Natural Areas Protected by the State, the Reserve was created in order to conserve a portion of the sea, the desert and the various species of wild flora and fauna that live there. It conserves a representative sample of the marine ecosystems of the cold sea of the Peruvian Current or considered by specialists as the most productive on Earth, in addition to maintaining the environments used by a wide variety of migratory species for their food and shelter during their long journeys. yearly. During the tour of the Paracas National Reserve, you will be able to take short walks, see animals such as Flamingos and visualize the beautiful contrast between the sea and the desert. Among the places visited are: La Catedral, Playa Yumaque, Playa Roja and Playa Lagunillas. Private transportation, entrance fee and guide included in the total price.

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