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The Lennon Wall or John Lennon Wall is a wall in Prague, Czech Republic. Since the 1980s this once typical wall has been filled with John Lennon-inspired graffiti, lyrics from Beatles' songs, and designs relating to local and global causes. Wikipedia


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1.5-Hour Panoramic E-Scooter Tour In Prague ❤️

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Lennon Wall, Prague

E-scooters are the best way to learn, have fun and see plenty of Prague if you only stay for a limited time. Explore historical area surrounding Prague castle with local expert guide! Get a benefit from long years of experience, whole team of local expert guides and luxury of the most exclusive starting point - right next to Charles bridge, in the heart of historical Prague. Along the unique route, you will see both major high-profile sights, but also get a chance to escape the biggest crowds and busy cobblestone streets. This 1.5-hour tour aims to showcase charms of the so-called Lesser Town district. Discover the famous Lennon Wall, Kampa Park, Prague Castle, Petrin Tower & Park, Strahov Monastery, Loreto, Lesser Town, St. Nicolas Church, Letna Park and much more. "Get the ticket, take the ride!"

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Explore Prague's Post-Communist Art and Architecture with a Local

Lennon Wall, Prague

This Experience is provided by a private local. Find out about the most prominent driving forces behind Prague's newest buildings and monuments! In this 90-minute Experience, you will catch a glimpse of amazing buildings such as the Dancing House and Žižkov Television Tower, you will get to take a close look at the historical Lennon Wall, and you will meet some of David ?erný's most controversial artwork close-up and personal. All of that, and much more, while we stroll through the fairytale capital of Europe and I tell you stories about it's turbulent 20th century history. Get ready for the unexpected!

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