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Sunrise at Kemeri National park + Jurmala

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Jurmala Beach, Riga

Would you like to experience the beautiful moment when nature wakes up? This is definitely one of the best tours if you're a nature lover! You might feel sleepy at the start, but after a coffee/tea and that fresh crispy morning air - you'll be fully awake and happy! You will be picked up from your accommodation ~1,5 hour before the sunrise time. We'll take care of coffee/tea for you and also some fresh pastries so you can have that perfect start of the day! After the bog, we'll drive through beautiful Jurmala with a stop at the beach (you can also go for a swim in the summertime) and an optional stop at the viewing tower in Dzintari forest park! Let's chase the sunrise, let's wake up together with nature! Whether it is a sunny day or clouds are covering the sky - it will be beautiful. We promise!

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Private Jurmala Sightseeing tour

Jurmala Beach, Riga

Jurmala is located on the Gulf of Riga, at a distance of 25 km to the West from Riga. During this tour, you will have a chance to see the charming wooden summer cottages, decorated with fascinating carvings dating back to the 1900s and successfully harmonizing with the more recently built cottages and spa health centers. You will have a stroll along the golden sand sea coast as well as a walk along the central pedestrian Jomas street full of cafes and souvenirs. Additionally, you will be provided with a choice of excellent places to have lunch with traditional Latvian or modern cuisine during this tour.

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Photo Orienteering Game in Jurmala

Jurmala Beach, Riga

Take photos, solve puzzles and learn more about interesting places and objects in Jurmala. Photo game is full of fun and positive emotions. Photo Orienteering Game is suitable for everybody: tourists and locals, team building, stag or birthday parties etc. Photo quest is a great idea to have fun and discover the city.

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Jurmala sunset tour

Jurmala Beach, Riga

Jurmala is a Latvian beach resort city - 5th largest city in the country! Located just 30min drive from the Riga city centre, it is the perfect destination for sunny day at the beach, a frosty walk in the wintertime and of course - this is the perfect city to admire different architecture styles all standing side by side! We invite you to go on a beautiful drive through tour of the city followed by a walk on the pedestrian street and after all to end the day on the beach with a beautiful sunset! Of course, we can not guarantee a sunny day and that sunset part, but as we mentioned, the city has so much more to offer so it is stunning at any time of the day and in any weather conditions. And did we mention that you can go for a swim as well? We like to keep our tours enjoyable and flexible so we will give you some free time to spend on the beach in the way that you want - swimming, having a drink at the beach bar, picnicking in the white sand or anything else that you can imagine!

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Jurmala Beach Daytrip

Jurmala Beach, Riga

Jurmala Beach offers a lot of attractive spots. By exploring the length of the beach, you will be amazed with the ambiance of festival in the area which will make your visit more exciting than starting and ending your stag weekend in a bar. Before you commence on your night tour and prowl around Riga’s famous district, why not spend an enjoyable morning at the beach to condition your mind and body for the upcoming pints and pints of beer and other beverages once your pub crawling starts. Although Jurmala Beach is not an undomesticated region, this still remains as the haven for nature lovers with its lush sceneries, very fine white sand and the mesmerizing beauty of the sea that cater to an astonishing collection of plants, trees and sea creatures all of which are essential part of a wonderful stag weekend.

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