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Rio’s Top Wildest Beaches Of Prainha, Grumari & Others – Full Day Group Tour

Prainha Beach, Rio De Janeiro

Spend a relaxing day swimming and having fun in the sun at some of Rio’s top beaches on this day tour. Located only about 1 hour from Copacabana area, the exuberant beaches of Prainha and Grumari are free of high-rise buildings, protected by the vegetation of the Atlantic Forest, and have clear waters. Take in a scenic drive along winding roads and see some spectacular scenery along the way. Listen to commentary from your guide and learn more about the area. Relax on the beach in a quieter atmosphere a bit off the main tourist track. Be closer to nature, take a swim, or plant yourself in a beach chair and soak up the sun. Have an unforgettable lunch at a rustic seafood restaurant built in a treehouse in the rainforest. After having such a delightful day, have brief stop to taste the original delicious cachaça at the only distillery in Brazil to produce it without heavy metals and superior alcohols. At the end of the tour, you’re dropped off at same location where the tour started.

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Rio's Secluded Beaches: Prainha & Grumari Hike and Swim (small group or private)

Prainha Beach, Rio De Janeiro

The tour visits the West part of Rio de Janeiro, that remains untouched with a lot of nature and secluded beaches. We'll follow the coastline, passing by 5 different beaches (São Conrado, Barra, Reserva, Recreio and Macumba). We first stop at Prainha, a small and protected beach considered the surf spot in Rio where you'll hike 1,5h to Caeté Summit (253m=830ft) that ofers a great view of the coast and other mountains of Rio. From Prainha, in a 5 more min. drive we reach Grumari, our last stop and where we stay to enjoy the beach for about 3h. Grumari it´s also a protected area and you'll enjoy an amazing and paradisiac tropical beach with white and fine grain sands, green mountains and clear waters (bring towel and bathing suit).

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Grumari and Prainha Beaches - Private Tour

Prainha Beach, Rio De Janeiro

This tour is perfect for the ones who want to see the most beautiful beaches of Rio! When it comes to Rio de Janeiro, Copacabana is the first beach that comes to people's minds. However, Rio de Janeiro has paradisiacal and totally wild beaches, without any urbanization. Prainha and Grumari are the favorite beaches for those seeking a lush nature. Heading to the west zone of the city - where is located the nowadays famous Barra da Tijuca neighborhood - you will get to know the most beautiful beaches of Rio de Janeiro that are beginning to emerge along the way of Rio de Janeiro's wild beaches. We will visit: - Pick-up at your place (in the south or central zone). - Joatinga beach - Barra Beach - Reserva Beach - Recreio Beach - Macumba Beach - Prainha Beach - Stop for lunch in a seafood restaurant. - Grumari Beach - Drop-off in your place (in the south or central zone).

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Tijuca Forest + Grumari & Prainha Beaches

Prainha Beach, Rio De Janeiro

I choosed these two special and contrasting places for a different city tour: Tijuca Forest and Barra Beaches. This combination of attractions will make you genuinely experience in one day totally different atmospheres, as the most beautiful beaches of Rio, Prainha and Grumari, and a comfortable drive through the main attractions of Tijuca Forest, the lung of the city. Prainha and Grumari are the favorite beaches for those seeking a lush nature. Tijuca National Park is the fourth largest urban forest in the world, ie it is the 4th largest forest within a city. - Pick-up at your place (in the south or central zone). - Prainha Beach - Grumari Beach - Driving tour by Barra da Tijuca neighborhood. - Stop for lunch in a seafood restaurant. - Tijuca Forest: third largest urban forest in the world. - Chinese View: one of the most beautiful viewpoint of the city. - Taunay Waterfall: biggest waterfall of Rio. - End of the Tour: drop off at your place (in the south or central zone).

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Mountain Bike Wild Beaches - Rio de Janeiro

Prainha Beach, Rio De Janeiro

The Mountain Bike Wild Beaches Tour offers excellent opportunities to take some amazing photos of Rio's West Zone beaches. In some stretches you will follow the same path as the world's most famous cyclists competed during the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. After touring the immensity of Barra da Tijuca Beach, Reserva Floresta and Praia do Recreio we will arrive at Prainha, a stop where there is a delicious grilled fish by the sea.

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