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Domus Aurea Golden House of an Emperor Semi-Private Tour

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Monterozzi Necropolis, Rome

The Domus Aurea was part of the project that Nero had devised to convert and transform Rome into a new city "Necropolis" following the Hellenistic model in the manner of Alexandria, this is, a city with an orthogonal plane with squares and wide rectilinear streets. With this same ideology, 60 years later, Emperor Hadrian built the gigantic Villa Tiburtina 30 km from Rome. The cave was covered with painted figures. Soon the word spread and the young Roman artists lowered themselves down inside the cave to admire the beautiful ancient frescoes. Today the frescoes are faded but were studied during the Renaissance artists such as Michelangelo and Raphael. Raphael even took inspiration from the frescoes of the Domus Aurea for the making of the Vatican Loggia. Thanks to the discovery of these paintings, the artistic term "grotesque" was created. The construction of the Domus Aurea also known as the Golden House has been considered the most extravagant construction in the history of Rome.

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Tarquinia and the Etruscan masterpieces: Necropolis and Museum – Private Tour

Monterozzi Necropolis, Rome

Tarquinia was the most important Etruscan city in the seventh century BC and it is particularly famous for the Monterozzi Necropolis, an ancient cemetery from pre-Roman times which houses more than two hundred painted tombs beneath its green mounds. You will explore imposing halls carved into the rock copying Etruscan houses (Necropolis literally means “City of the Dead”) to admire the bright colors used by the ancient Etruscans to paint landscapes, exotic animals and scenes of everyday life. Thanks to our knowledgeable and passionate guide, you will discover the secrets of the most beautiful and fascinating tombs: the tomb of the Leopards, with its banquet scenes that show the incredible freedom of Etruscan women, the tomb of Hunting and Fishing, which represents the typical activities of the aristocracy, the tomb of the Warrior, where funeral rites are represented (including the cruel games that inspired the subsequent gladiator fights)… Walking through the charming alleys of Tarquinia, dotted with medieval towers and splendid palaces, you will reach Palazzo Vitelleschi, which houses in the National Etruscan Museum the most precious treasures of the ancient city: carved sarcophagi, frescoes, jewels made of gold and gemstones, and the famous Winged horses!

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All Vatican: St. Peter's incl. scavi, Sistine Chapel, Vatican Museums & Gardens

Monterozzi Necropolis, Rome

Official Vatican visit to major Vatican City attractions including exclusive visit to St. Peter's Basilica with the Vatican Necropolis and excavations (scavi) to the tomb of St. Peter, a stroll through the private Vatican Gardens closed to general public followed by the visit of the highlights of Vatican Museums and culminating with extended time spent to admire the Sistine Chapel.

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Cerveteri & Santa Severa from Civitavecchia

Monterozzi Necropolis, Rome

A major centre of Etruscan civilization that was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2004, the Necropolis stretches for more than two kilometres. This certainly makes it the most imposing in all Etruria and one of the most magnificent monuments of its kind anywhere in the Mediterranean basin. These monumental tombs are located inside tumuli, partly cut into the tufa rock and partly built over it. The purpose of theseedifices was to illustrate the desire of a handful of aristocratic families to make a statement about their wealth and to perpetuate a lifestyle of the highest quality also after death.This may explain the abundance of luxury goods found in these tombs, such as tableware made of precious metal, goldsmith’s work, illustrated vases, bronzes and pieces imported from Greece and the Near East, as well as weapons, belts, razors, buckles and jewellery. Minimum passengers required for this tour 6 people. On Monday all the museums in Italy are closed for day off

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Discover the Etruscans

Monterozzi Necropolis, Rome

You have the opportunity to visit everything about Etruscans: from "Necropoli of Monterozzi" UNESCO heritage site to Etruscopolis theme park passing by the National Etruscan Museum. Walking on the ancient Etruscan streets, see beautiful corners and meet modern Etruscans you can choose which part of the city do you want to discover better than you have just seen. At the end a delicious lunch or dinner in the heart of the city centre with typical italian lunch. Discover the last of Lawrence's travel books, 'Etruscan Places' is an ephemeral and vivid account, replete with hauntingly evocative descriptions of the way of life of this once great civilisation.

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