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The Villa Giulia is a villa in Rome, Italy. It was built by Pope Julius III in 1551–1553 on what was then the edge of the city. Today it is publicly owned, and houses the Museo Nazionale Etrusco, a collection of Etruscan art and artifacts. Wikipedia


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Vatican Museums Tour with Bramante Staircase, Sistine Chapel & St. Peter's

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National Etruscan Museum Of Villa Giulia, Rome

Dig a little deeper at the Vatican, visiting all the highlights of the collection – plus some incredible gems not often visited by the public. On this comprehensive and carefully crafted tour, your expert guide will take you to famous sights like the Raphael Rooms, St. Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel – and to see hidden treasures like the Etruscan Museum, Vatican Paintings Gallery and the phenomenal Bramante Staircase. As part of this Official Vatican Partner tour, you’ll also gain No-Wait access through a private, partner entrance so you won’t waste any time waiting in line.

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Private Vatican Tour: Egyptian, Etruscan Museum & Golden Room: Transfer Included

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National Etruscan Museum Of Villa Giulia, Rome

Enjoy this exclusively designed private 4 hours tour of the stunning Vatican Museums, the second largest and the fifth most visited art museum in the world, home to the famous Sistine Chapel and Raphael Rooms. Skip the line and enter directly with your personal guide to enjoy some of world's most renowned masterpieces produced by Michelangelo, Raphael, Caravaggio, Leonardo da Vinci, and make it special by visiting the off-the-beaten-path  Golden Room, part of the Gregorian Etruscan Museum. Explore the fascinating Egyptian Museum and the vast collection of classical sculptures. Continue the visit by entering into St. Peter's Basilica directly from the museums, without queuing up from the main square, and finish your tour in the charming St. Peter's Square. Pick-up and drop-off included in the tour.

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Late Afternoon Guided Walking Tour of Turin

National Etruscan Museum Of Villa Giulia, Rome

Have you just arrived in the city or are you in Turin for a short time? This tour is ideal for those who want to know the essentials about the history and cultural heritage of the city. In the company of Giulia, licensed tour guide of the city, in a couple of hours (5.30 pm 7.30 pm) you will go to visit the main highlights surrounded by the romantic atmosphere of the evening. - Licensed tour guide - 5.30 pm to 7.30/8 pm - Turin highlights - Small group.

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Private Tour in Volterra with a Licensed Tour Guide

National Etruscan Museum Of Villa Giulia, Rome

One of the Etruscan cities par excellence. It still preserves many vestiges of this period as well as the Roman and medieval ones: Porta all'Arco and its cyclopean walls, the Roman theater, the Piazza dei Priori, the cathedral with the baptistery, and tower-houses. Volterra holds an immense treasure trove of art, archaeology, and craftsmanship; in fact, it is famous for alabaster work, a knowledge that has been passed down for generations. Some of these treasures are preserved in Volterra's churches and many museums: from the Etruscan Museum with its vast collection and the Pinacoteca with works by Ghirlandaio, Signorelli and Rosso Fiorentino and much more! Volterra was built on high ground which, if it once provided security, today allows you to enjoy a vast and impressive panorama. For craft lovers, we can arrange a visit to an alabaster workshop.

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Discover the Etruscans

National Etruscan Museum Of Villa Giulia, Rome

You have the opportunity to visit everything about Etruscans: from "Necropoli of Monterozzi" UNESCO heritage site to Etruscopolis theme park passing by the National Etruscan Museum. Walking on the ancient Etruscan streets, see beautiful corners and meet modern Etruscans you can choose which part of the city do you want to discover better than you have just seen. At the end a delicious lunch or dinner in the heart of the city centre with typical italian lunch. Discover the last of Lawrence's travel books, 'Etruscan Places' is an ephemeral and vivid account, replete with hauntingly evocative descriptions of the way of life of this once great civilisation.

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