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Amsterdam Old Town: "The Old Sailor" Exploration Game

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Old Town, Rotterdam

Embark on a quest around Amsterdam by solving clues to find a lost treasure in the Red Light District, all on your smartphone. Unlock new stories as you discover on your own the Amsterdam Old Town, Rembrandt House, Oude Kerk, Amsterdam Canals, and more. + Discover popular and lesser-known places in Amsterdam + Visit the places where Rembrandt used to hang out + Find out fascinating stories and legends about Dutch sailors + Discover a secret church in the Red Light District Each clue will lead you from one place to another, giving you precise directions, so you won’t need a map, a GPS or a guide. When you solve it and guess the answer, the secret story of that place is unlocked. After you buy the quest, you will receive an access code that you can use in the app for unlocking the game. It will take you 1-2 hours to complete, but there’s no time limit, you can finish it at your own pace.

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Giethoorn & Exploring the North of The Netherlands - Private Day Tour

Old Town, Rotterdam

Giethoorn There are many Dutch towns, cities and villages that merit a visit, but one of them is certainly Giethoorn. Often referred to as the ‘Little Venice’of the Netherlands, only accessible by boat and with an absence of roads and cars. We invite you for a private canal cruise to experience the peace, tranquility and natural beauty of this magical village. Hasselt Take in the fairy-tale charms of Hasselt by foot, the most intimate way to get to know one of Hollands most delightful riverside towns. You will walk directly into the Old Town, following its cobblestone streets passing medieval houses. History is on the streets in Hasselt. You walk with your experienced private guide along the atmospheric canals and the narrow streets. The Hanseatic city Hasselt is full of stories from a far and less distant past. Discover why Hasselt is also called 'small Amsterdam'!

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Delft Highlights Private Tour: The Blue's Clues Exploration Game

Old Town, Rotterdam

Play a city exploration game where you search your surroundings for ways to solve fun challenges and puzzles that reveal amazing places and stories in the Old Town of Delft. There is no guide involved, you just follow an app and play at your own pace. Each challenge will lead you to the next place by providing you with exact directions on screen. As you solve the challenge, the story of that place is unlocked. And the next location is revealed. Try a new type of experience, the perfect mix between a tour, an outdoor escape game, and a treasure hunt. If you are part of a group, one person can purchase access for everybody by selecting the total number of people. All group members will be able to play the city game on their smartphones. Alternatively, each person can purchase their own ticket. So, are you up for an exciting city game?

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Enchanting Medieval Bruges: a Day Trip from Amsterdam

Old Town, Rotterdam

The charming city of Bruges has the most idyllic Old Town you’ve ever seen. With 80 bridges and incredibly cozy canals, you will feel as if you were in a fairytale. Visiting La Notre Dame de Bruges, the second tallest brick building in the world which was built in 200 years, is an absolute must-do. This church houses the famous Michelangelo sculpture ‘Madonna and Child’. Along the road, you will find the charming city of Ghent. Dutch Tours & Transfers offers you the possibility to book extra time to visit this Belgium gem. Canals in Ghent are a little broader, opening the city up. As the second-most populous municipality in the country, Ghent is an urban city with a picturesque Old Town. Ghent and Bruges are the ideal combination for a day trip to Belgium from Amsterdam.

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The Roman City of Cologne: Day Trip from Amsterdam

Old Town, Rotterdam

Discover the Roman city of Cologne and experience 2000 years of history. Climb the Grand Gothic Cathedral, listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site, and visit the twelve Romanesque churches spread all over the Old Town. A complete day trip from Amsterdam full of culture, history and architectural masterpieces. The city of Cologne is a truly cultural, historical and architectural paradise. The Ludwig Museum is built next to the Cologne Cathedral and houses Picassos, Pop Art and Russian Avant-Garde. Feel the rich culture while you stroll the Heumarkt and the Altermarkt or cross the Rhine river on the Hohenzollern Bridge, a majestic arch-bridge that connects the cathedral and the Köln Triangle. Don’t forget to try some of the delicious local specialities during lunch, such as Himmel un Ääd, Mettbrütche and Rievkooche. The Cologne tour is a complete day trip which will exceed your expectations.

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