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Skip-the-Line Private Tour to St Petersburg State Hermitage Museum

Neva River, Saint Petersburg

Tick off the #1 must-see in St Petersburg with your private guide. Introduce yourself to 3 million works of art from the Stone Age to the present century. The State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg is recognized as the best museum in Russia and Europe. The massive collection of the museum must be seen to be believed – it occupies five buildings along the Neva River. 350 rooms of the Hermitage sound very inspirational, until you know that you’d have to cover 20 kilometers. And it’s estimated you’d need to spend 11 years to fully explore the museum. Let your knowledgeable guide do all the calculations and take you to the best collections and rooms in just 3 hours!   After the tour unleash your inner romantic and head along the banks of the Neva River for panoramic scene. The tour finishes at Palace Square. Take advantage of many secret bakeries and coffee shops around.

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One-Day Essential Tour of St Petersburg with Hermitage & Canal Cruise

Neva River, Saint Petersburg

Choose this essential one-day tour of St Petersburg with a private guide to obtain the full understanding of its history and character. You will see the main attractions of the historical city center, the main streets, squares, and embankments of the city. Explore the treasures of the Hermitage Museum during an excursion with an expert guide who will show you the most important halls and famous masterpieces. Discover the Church of our Savior on the Spilled Blood and St Isaac's Cathedral and enjoy a relaxing boat cruise on the Neva River and the canals.

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White Nights Shore Excursion - Drawbridges from Boat Cruise

Neva River, Saint Petersburg

Do not leave St Petersburg without witnessing the spectacular opening of the drawbridges during the White Nights period. This natural phenomenon of nearly 24-hour long day light makes St Petersburg especially charming during the night time. Enjoy a panoramic city center ride to see the night illunination of the facades of the city before you hop on board of a boat. You will observe the picturesque process of opening 4 bridges along the Neva River to the sounds of music. This night trip will make your stay in St Petersburg truly memorable and special.

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Walking Tour of St Petersburg with St Peter and Paul Fortress & Cathedral

Neva River, Saint Petersburg

Have a guided walk in Saint Petersburg: St Peter and Paul Fortress & Cathedral It seems that in our city you can walk for a very, very long time. You will have a professional guide telling fascinating stories about the facades of buildings, cathedrals, bridges, parks, architectural styles and directions, and about those who lived in mansions and palaces, about historical eras and events. The main highlight of your journey will be the place that 300 years ago gave birth to this city. It all started with the St Peter and Paul Fortress. We will also have a look at the local cathedral and other remarkable sights along the Neva River and its endless canals. @citytripcompany

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Private Photographer Tour in St Petersburg

Neva River, Saint Petersburg

Treat yourself to unforgettable photo memories of your staying in the city on the Neva River and hire a professional photographer to take multiple great family pictures and portraits. Photos provided are actual photos taken by the photographer advertised.

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