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20 Things to Do in Sacramento

20 Places to Explore in Sacramento - Sacramento is the capitol of California, and it is a popular city for business travelers and ...

May 8, 2018

Old Sacramento: 7 Places to Explore in the Historic Area

Old Sacramento is a fun place to explore in the city for history, food, museums, and donuts. I have been many times and I always ...

May 31, 2018

Old Sacramento - Things to Do in Sacramento | California Travel Tips

Veronica Hill of California Travel Tips offers a guided tour of Old Sacramento State Historic Park in Sacramento, CA. Established ...

September 27, 2013

Top things you HAVE to do in SACRAMENTO, California | SACRAMENTO Travel Guide

In this week's video, we are taking you to central California as we explore the state's capitol: Sacramento. Sacramento is often ...

September 12, 2021

Old Sacramento Waterfront to get exciting new attractions

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg unveiled plans to redevelop the Old Sacramento Waterfront. The Old Sac area is along the ...

April 26, 2019

Best Things to Do in Sacramento, California

Ever wondered what the best things to do in Sacramento, California, are? If you're planning a trip to the heart of California, then a ...

November 3, 2021

Old Sacramento Waterfront 2021

FlyinCameras #Sacramento #2021 What to Do Around every corner and down every aisle there is a new adventure for you to ...

January 31, 2021

Walking Tour Of Old Sacramento California

Old Sacramento is a state historic park of California, location in downtown Sacramento city. Old Sacramento State Historic Park ...

June 1, 2021

Exploring Old Sacramento Waterfront in Sacramento, California USA Walking Tour

Exploration To Go takes you on a walking tour through Old Sacramento in downtown Sacramento, California USA in stunning 4K ...

December 4, 2021

Old Sacramento Walking Tour | 2022 | Sacramento, CA

Come on a walking tour of Old Sacramento in Sacramento, California. Old Sacramento is a California Historical Landmark.

January 3, 2022

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