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Dogpatch is a neighborhood in San Francisco, California, roughly half industrial and half residential. It was initially a working-class neighborhood, but has experienced rapid gentrification since the 1990s. Now it boasts similar demographics to its neighboring Potrero Hill – an upper middle-class working professional neighborhood. Dogpatch was originally part of Potrero Nuevo and its history is closely tied to Potrero Hill. Wikipedia


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Starter Sessions: Group Paddle Board Lesson

Dogpatch, San Francisco

Paddling in the Dogpatch? Yes! Since Crane Cove Park opened in September 2020, the Dogpatch has become the premier SUP and kayaking site in San Francisco. We’ve explored every nook and cranny of this area for years and can’t wait to share the stunning vistas, industrial grit, and bountiful sea life that populate the wilderness around the Central Waterfront.

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