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Parque El Boquerón, or El Boqueron Park, is located on top of the San Salvador Volcano at 5,905 feet the park's main attraction is a crater five kilometers in diameter and 558 meters deep. In addition, there is a small crater within the crater named “Boqueroncito” . El Boquerón has a cool temperate climate year round. The park is home to many plant species identified as ornamentals such as “cartuchos”, hydrangeas, begonias and wild “sultanas”. Wikipedia


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Highlights of San Salvador: Explore Old City Downtown, local market and volcano

El Boquerón National Park, San Salvador

Explore the highlights of the city with a native guide of San Salvador. Visit major historical spots, main avenues, commercial and residential districts, sightseeing landmarks and monuments that commemorate relevant historical figures and events. Many public buildings in El Centro were made during years of splendor of coffee exports, with a mix of architectural styles. Since the recent renovation Downtown is nicer and safer than ever to walk. Many businesses are boosting up and it has become "the place to be". Walk the streets learning details of events that occurred on this very place over almost 500 years of history and the people that took part in it. From colony to Independence. From the Federation to the Coffee Republic. From military regimes to democracy. From repressions to big celebrations and presidential inaugurations. On the afternoon visit a local market (you can have lunch here) followed by a walk in the cloud forest at El Boquerón Nat. Park, on San Salvador volcano.

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