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Barrio Lastarria is an historical neighborhood in the center of Santiago, Chile. Now a popular tourist hub, Barrio Lastarria is a center for cultural activity, with cinemas, theaters, museums, restaurants and bars. Activities such as festivals and live performances are commonly held throughout the streets of Lastarria given its strong cultural flavor, particularly in J.V. Lastarria street and Parque Forestal.Barrio Lastarria is bordered by the Alameda and Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral to the south, Santa Lucía Hill to the west, Parque Forestal to the north and Plaza Baquedano to the east. Wikipedia


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Barrio Lastarria, Santiago de Chile

Español English El barrio Lastarria es un barrio de Santiago, capital de Chile, ubicado en la esquina nororiental de la comuna ...

August 17, 2021


Galerinha, Passeamos pelo imperdível bairro Lastarria e gravamos o vídeo para mostrar o que fazer nesse bairro. É uma delícia ...

September 16, 2019

Visit Barrio Lastarria, Santiago de Chile

Walking with one camera lens. Discover a neighborhood that invites to travel the past and present of this wonderful place. located ...

September 16, 2015

A Day in Barrio Lastarria, Chile

Barrio Lastarria is a neighbourhood in the center of Santiago de Chile. Now a popular tourist hub, Barrio Lastarria is a center for ...

July 9, 2022

Como é o bairro de Lastarria? | Onde se hospedar em Santiago, Chile?

Como é o bairro de Lastarria? | Onde se hospedar em Santiago, Chile? Está planejando viajar ao Chile e não sabe onde se ...

February 11, 2022

Recorriendo el BARRIO LASTARRIA | Santiago, Chile | calles, arte callejero, GAM y galerías

Hola ! Hoy los llevo a visitar el Barrio Lastarria, mi lugar favorito de Santiago. Les muestro sus hermosas calles, su arte callejero, ...

January 10, 2022

Walking Santiago de Chile: Summer day in Lastarria & Bellas Artes Neighborhoods | 4K 50fps

Recorded on Saturday February 19, 2022. Time: 12.36 (GMT-3, Summer time) Temperature: 25ºC Santiago also known as ...

February 25, 2022

10 BEST THINGS to DO in SANTIAGO[4K] (Santiago Travel Guide, Wtravel)

10 BEST THINGS to DO in SANTIAGO CHILE 4K (Santiago Chile Travel Guide, Wtravel) . Subscribe Wtravel ...

July 6, 2020

20 Things to do in Santiago de Chile Travel Guide

Our trip to Chile wouldn't have been complete without a visit to the capital, so towards the end of our stay we decided to visit ...

April 10, 2016

Watch This Before Visiting Santiago de Chile

During my 16 day stay in Chile I learned many things. Here are the Top 5 that I wish I knew before visiting Santiago for so many ...

January 23, 2022

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