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Dianshan Lake is a freshwater lake west of Zhujiajiao, Qingpu District, in Shanghai, China. Measuring 62 square kilometers , it is the largest freshwater lake in Shanghai and the upstream of the Huangpu River. The Shanghai Water Sports Centre will be the venue for the 2021 World Rowing Championships. Wikipedia


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Top Things To Do in Shanghai, China 4k

What's going on everybody? Welcome back to another episode. This time, we're checking out Shanghai, the biggest city in China.

April 27, 2019

Top 6 Things to do in Shanghai, CHINA

Shanghai is where Peter was born and where his family are all from. It's the largest city in China based on population and over the ...

December 28, 2019

15 Things to do in Shanghai, China | Shanghai Travel Guide

My Shanghai Travel Guide includes my carefully selected top 15 hidden travel secrets, best places to visit, travel tips and things to ...

May 10, 2016


Today we share the 10 best things to do in Shanghai, perfect for those planning a trip to Shanghai. We share the top 10 things to ...

March 9, 2022

5 Things To Do in Shanghai

Want to visit Shanghai? Check out our 1 day tour at ...

June 12, 2016

The Very Best Things to do in Shanghai| The Planet D

The Planet D travel vlog shows you all the things to do in Shanghai. This Shanghai travel guide is perfect for first-time visitors ...

May 24, 2019

Unusual Things to do in Shanghai | China

If you are looking for unusual things to do in Shanghai, China. You came to the right spot. On this video I go through three places ...

May 31, 2018

5 Things to do in Shanghai | Travel + Leisure

With more than 24 million people and a skyline torn straight off the cover of a futuristic novel, Shanghai is arguably China's most ...

June 1, 2016

Top 10 Places to Visit in Shanghai - China Travel Documentary

Shanghai is one of the most fascinating cities in China, and in this video I share my personal top 10 places to visit in this amazing ...

December 17, 2020

City Tour of Best Things in Shanghai | What To Do When Traveling to Shanghai, China

I spent a little over 24 hours in Shanghai exploring the most iconic things to do in the city. Shanghai was an awesome experience ...

February 10, 2021

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