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The Church of Saint Sofia , also known as the Old Bishopric is an Eastern Orthodox church in Nesebar, eastern Bulgaria. It is situated in the old quarter of the town which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site list and of the 100 Tourist Sites of Bulgaria. Wikipedia


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Walking Tour in Sofia’s parks

St. Sophia Church, Sofia

Bulgaria’s capital Sofia has many stories to tell! If you are not really in history, you will enjoy the fanciest street in the city- Vitosha Boulevard! Here you can shop in the posh boutiques and fashion houses. You will love lunch at a folkloristic restaurant or alternatively, drink in rooftop bars. Are you a lover of neoclassical architecture? The Ivan Vazov National Theatre is great part of Bulgarian culture. Do you know that in Sophia you can take a walk in one of the oldest parks in Europe? Have you ever seen the fountain fed by the hot charismatic guide, you will visit Park Vrana, Vitosha Boulevard, Borisova gradina, Serdica Amphitheatre, Central Mineral Baths; will hear secret stories of this beautiful city of Sofia.

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