Basel, Switzerland
Basel, Switzerland

Basel, Switzerland

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Basel is a city in northwestern Switzerland on the river Rhine. Basel is Switzerland's third-most-populous city with about 180,000 inhabitants. The official language of Basel is German, but the main spoken language is the local Basel German dialect. Basel is commonly considered to be the cultural capital of Switzerland. Wikipedia
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Basel, SwitzerlandBasel, SwitzerlandBasel, SwitzerlandBasel, SwitzerlandBasel, SwitzerlandBasel, SwitzerlandBasel, SwitzerlandBasel, SwitzerlandBasel, Switzerland

Basel Travel Videos

Basel, Switzerland
City Centre, Basel, Switzerland
Video of Basel City Centre. See also vids of the River Rhine, the Munster and ...
Basel, Switzerland
Switzerland - Basel - Beautiful city on the Rhine 🇨🇭
zopár pohľadov na historické centrum mesta Basel - Switzerland. ...
Basel, Switzerland
24 Hour Guide to Basel, Switzerland
Art. Culture. History. Food. Luxury. The Rhine River. Basel has a lot going on and ...
Basel, Switzerland
BEST things to do and eat in Basel Switzerland
Travelling to Basel in Switzerland by car is a great way to experience the country ...
Basel, Switzerland
Top 10 things to do in Basel, Switzerland. Visit Basel
Top 10 Basel, Switzerland. Paces to visit in Basel. Attraction to see in Basel. Here ...
Basel, Switzerland
Europe Trip | Day 4 | Paris to Interlaken in Switzerland basel interlaken vlog train tgv tourist
Basel, Switzerland
World Trip #4 - Basel, Switzerland
We staying in Basel, Switzerland for two weeks and I LOVED IT!!! Beautiful city and ...
Basel, Switzerland
11 Top Tourist Attractions in Basel (Switzerland) HOTELS - 11 Top Tourist Attractions in Basel (Switzerland): Basel Minster, Historical Museum, ...
Basel, Switzerland
A Day in Basel Switzerland
Hello! Our Tour-De-Suisse takes us to Basel the third most populous town in Switzerland. Basel ...
Basel, Switzerland
Basel, Switzerland Travel Video
Basel is Switzerland's oldest university city. Historic landmarks of the city include the large market ...

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7 Things To Do In Basel Switzerland
I was lucky enough to spend almost 2 years living and working in more
Christmas Markets In Switzerland
Though there are a few Christmas markets in Basel, the most popular one is the market at Barfüsserplatz and Münsterplatz. This Basel Christmas more
10 Of The Best Things To Do In Switzerland In The Summer
Cynthia31 January, 2018This looks Great and Im lost. Can you give a bit of direction? We will be doing a Rhine River cruiseending in Basel. Unsure more
Switzerland in Winter
Of course, winter sports does play a big role in Switzerland in the winter. However, you have a lot of other options. One of the best activities in more
Best 5 Things To Do In Interlaken Tour
I reached Zurich International Airport and after that, I took a train to Interlaken. The train stations are beside the Airport. And I stayed in more
Save With The Swiss Card Transfer Ticket On Public Transportation In Switzerland
The Swiss Transfer Ticket is CHF154 for second class and CHF247 for first class travel. Children 6 to 16 not using the Swiss Family Card or a Junior more
Switzerland Itinerary
I started my trip in Basel because of my work obligations. Some people find Basel boring, but I have always thought it is a lovely city for a more
3476 Switzerland Keeping It Classy Since 1848
And as my group of fellow journalists and I made our way through Zurich, Bern and Basel, we were well fed and peaceful. It was a whirlwind tour of a more
Things To Do In Geneva Switzerland
The train journey from Basel to Geneva requires a change at Bern and will take around 3 hours in total.  There are half-hourly services from Basel more
Driving In Switzerland Guide
Collection and drop off at any of the depots in France is complimentary but fees do apply when you pick up and/or drop off your vehicle in another more
24 Hours In Basel Switzerland
Basel is the 3rd biggest city in Switzerland. After Zürich and Geneva, the city of Basel is one of the best places to live in the world! Wow. Edged more
10 Exciting Locations In Switzerland To Spend Your Summer Holidays
Basel is known for its many internationally renowned museums, ranging from the Kunstmuseum, the first collection of art accessible to the public in more
Best Places to Visit in Switzerland Tour – Travel With Me 24 X 7
Basel is an incredible medieval city that is a wonder to explore. It is filled with unique activities for young and old and any visitor could easily more
Switzerland Budget Travel Tips
The wonderfully pragmatic Swiss actually offer free public transport in some of their most well-travelled cities including Bern, Basel, Geneva, more
Top 13 Things To See And Do For Free In One Day Basel Switzerland
This is the best place to start your visit to Basel. Start here as an introduction to the entire city and the history. You are standing at more
Where to Eat in Basel
She was the quintessential chic, cosmopolitan gal-about-town. My guide, Margrit Götz, met me at my hotel in Basel and for the next two hours or so more
Visit Basel
The heart of Basel is one of the best-preserved old towns in Europe with charming medieval houses and squares. At the same time, the city is a more
Magic & Awkwardness in Switzerland | The Ramble
Montecristo TravelsSeptember 3, 2012 - 6:47 pmSWEET!!! how totally random and awesome!replygigigriffisSeptember 4, 2012 - 12:23 amHaha, yeah! more
Basel Switzerland Points Of Interest
We visited Basel with one day prior to the start of our Viking River Cruise. I have to admit, I didn't know too much about Basel Switzerland before more
Market Fresh In Basel
Operating under the imposing red façade of Basels Town Hall, the market manages to be both lively and orderly at once. Trams grind past every more
In Basel Switzerland Free Styling With Street Food
The food truck phenomenon has yet to take firm hold in Switzerland, and there were just a few trucks at the festival in Basel. One of them was more
Top 14 Places in Switzerland
Loads of great places to stay in Basel. check the latest prices more
Transportation To Montreux On Lake Geneva In Switzerland
From Geneva, follow the Autoroute A1 to Lausanne, and then the A12 to Montreux. Travelers from Basel, Zurich, and Germany should take the Autobahn more
6440 Switzerland The Basler Fasnacht Carnival In Basle
An estimated 100,000 visitors come to Basle each Fasnacht and none of them want to miss the Morgestraich which is the most characteristic feature. more
8 Unique Things To Do In Basel
Elisabethenkirche was the first building to grab my attention upon arriving in Basel. Not only because of the undeniable beauty of this neo-Gothic more
Best Places To Visit In Switzerland
Another good place to visit in Switzerland is Basel. The art capital is located in the most northern part very close to Germany. If you are an art more
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How do you feel about the regulatory agreements produced by the workshop in Basel? Share your thoughts in the comments section below! more
10 Foods From Basel Switzerland
A little round bread roll, the Schlumbergerli has been made by Basel bakeries since at least the 1950s. The crust of these rolls is crisp, but more
Summertime Dining Al Fresco In Basel Switzerland
The terrace at Restaurant Waldhaus near Basel is open for business from the early, sunny, days of more
Getting Around Switzerland: Transportation Tips
Swiss is the national airline, a part of the Lufthansa and Star Alliance group. Zurich is the main hub with regional airports in Geneva and Basel. more
Make My Switzerland App | Travel Blog Review
When you launch the app you can select which Swiss city you are in or near: Bern, Basel, Geneva, Lausanne, Zurich, Lugano and Lucerne. Now its time more
Guide Basel Switzerland
One of the very best things to do in Basel is to simply to wander around the city and allow the settlement to reveal itself to you. After all, parts more
Best Time To Visit Switzerland
For one of the best spring festivals in Switzerland, head to Basel. This city is the home of a 700-year-old carnival. It kicks off at an more
Bernina Express Train In Switzerland Guide
If youre looking for someone to take care of everything for you, or perhaps if you want to do the Bernina Express trip starting from another city more
Switzerland Of Snow Capped Marvels And Chocolate
Switzerland is an adventure sport enthusiasts ultimate destination; skiing, mountaineering and snowboarding along the slopes of the beautiful Alps more
Reasons To Visit Basel Switzerland
Basel is a backpackers dream! Located in Switzerland  it is an often overlooked beautiful city filled with history, rich architecture and plenty of more
Reasons To Visit Switzerland
It is one of the most important cultural centers of the country. Basel has a very small population of just 2 lakh people. The city is famous for its more
What to Eat in Switzerland | The Winged Fork
The name Basel flour soup, or as they call it: Mehlsuppe, does not quite do justice to this delicious more
Landhotel Golf Salzano Spa Interlaken
Interlaken is right in the heart of the Jungfrau region in the Bernese Alps, between lakes Thun and Brienz. Its a great jumping off point for more
The Best Time to Travel to Switzerland • The Blonde Abroad
Many of the resorts outside of the ski towns close down while the ski slopes are wide open and full of tourists riding the fresh powder. This is more
9 Reasons Visit Switzerland In Winter Non Skiers
Obviously the Christmas Markets in cities such as Gstaad, Bern, Zurich, St Moritz, Zermatt, Basel, St Gallen and Chur will be busy. But if you visit more
Basel Switzerland Travel Guide
However, if youre visiting a city of two, single train tickets might be the best option, as you can travel in comfort and style. Since Basel is more
Mums Gone To Switzerland Lucerne
Our hotel choices for Switzerland were all excellent. We loved Der Teufelhof in Basel for its art and Hotel Allegro in Bern for its incredible more
Mums Gone To Switzerland Basel
Switzerlands only port, Basel is located on the River Rhine. Its proximity to France and Germany has made it a trade and transport hub over the more
Serviced Apartments Switzerland 506909
UMS Temporary Housing has been specializing for over 25 years in sublease and temporary rental arrangements between private parties in Zurich, Basel, more
Switzerland Itinerary Ideas • inspirock
If youve got the time, why not spend a longer holiday in Switzerland? Youll be rewarded with plenty of invigoration and inspiration, moving from more
Switzerlands Best Restaurants
The fine dining capital of Switzerland, Basel has more Michelin stars per square mile than San Sebastian, and is our pick of Swiss cities for those more
Basel To Colmar
A day trip from Basel to Colmar is definitely an experience you should consider if you exploring Switzerland. It gives you the opportunity to head more
3 things to do with kids when you are passing by Martigny, Switzerland – Family Earth Trek
2 years ago ReplyPassing through Martigny is really wonderful and beautiful due to lovely waterfalls and open-air activities for all more
Fun things to do by the river Aare in Bern, Switzerland – Family Earth Trek
3 years ago ReplyI missed Bern when I was in Swiz.. My original plan was Basel & Bern. But somehow I decided to spend the whole time more
3 things to do with kids when you are passing by Martigny, Switzerland – Family Earth Trek
2 years ago ReplyPassing through Martigny is really wonderful and beautiful due to lovely waterfalls and open-air activities for all more
8 Superb Reasons to Visit Switzerland ...
One of the most long standing contemporary art shows in the world is held in Basel each June but the city also has other cultural jewels such as the more
The 20 Best Things To Do In Basel Switzerland
Swim in the river you say? Yes you can swim in the river in the middle of the city. Only in Switzerland! I for one certainly wouldnt want to swim more
How To Spend 48 Hours In Zurich
Zurich is in North-Central Switzerland and the official language spoken is German. It is 85 kilometres (52 miles) from Basel, 279 kilometres (173 more
Honeymoon In Switzerland
If you and your partner both love exploring history then you must visit Basel, Switzerland. Now, what there? You can go and hear the full story of more
Culinary Heritage Of Switzerlands Historic Hotels
Chef Müller left her café and catering business in Basel two years ago to take over the restaurant at this historic hotel. Her dishes, like risotto more
Travel To Switzerland Things To Know
Perhaps because of their wealth, but also their neutrality during World War II, Switzerland has a serious amount of historic buildings in great more
Day Trips From Basel
The vibrant city of Freiburg im Breisgau, often shortened to just Freiburg has a population of around 220,000 residents, meaning that its pretty more
Things To Do In Switzerland
Swiss cities like Geneva, Basel, Zurich, Bern Lucerne will definitely be on your list on your visit to Switzerland. Read our post on Swiss cities to more
5 Amazing Train Journeys To Experience In 2019
If any country knows how to do trains, its Switzerland, and the spectacular Great Train Tour of Switzerland is surely one of the countrys most more
Heartbreak In Goms Valley Switzerland
Our Airbnb host shared that within 300m from his chalet we would find a large swimming pool full of kids.  We rode the train down from Basel in more
Family Day Trips In Basel Switzerland
Farhi is a small open-top boat that does not have a motor. It is connected to both sides of the river with a rope, and it uses currents to move from more
Free Things To Do In Switzerland
Upon check-in at your accommodation in Lausanne, Basel, Bern, Geneva or Montreux, you will receive a ticket that allows you to use the local more
Ask Local See Eat Bern Switzerland
As Switzerland is pretty small, you can reach all the bigger cities (Zürich, Geneva, Basel, Lucerne) in less than two hours. Thun, a beautiful city more
Things To Do In Montreux Switzerland
Montreux will not be like some of the other more major cities in Switzerland like Geneva, Bern, Basel or Zurich. Rather it is a pretty small more
Lucerne: the Most Beautiful City in Switzerland
Ive always revered Switzerland as the delectable birthplace of Toblerone and raclette, a faraway wonderland where people wore nice watches and more
Basel Fasnacht 2015 in 20 photos | Anita's Feast
Individuals and small groups of masked musicians wander Basels Old Town in the evenings and on Tuesday afternoon. Falling in behind a group and more
Celebrating Street Food Basel Switzerland
Festival organizers Rolf Arnet and Konrad Begert brought this cultural event to Basel as an opportunity for new food experiences, and a time to more
6 Culinary Specialities You Should Try In Switzerland
Switzerland consists of three main geographical regions. The first one is the Alps, which cross the country forming wide bends and occupying a large more
Art Exhibitions Interlaken Thun Region
In 1809, perched on a roof in Thun old town, Wocher produced the sketches that he used over the next few years to complete his masterpiece. Until more
45 Things To Do In Zurich Switzerland Plan The Perfect Itinerary
24 Hours in Lucerne SwitzerlandThings to Do in Lucerne Switzerland24 Hours in Zurich SwitzerlandJungfraujoch to the Top of EuropeChristmas in Basel more
Living In Switzerland Best Swiss Cities For Expats 103091
The city of Basel, located in northwest Switzerland, offers its inhabitants a great geographical position to enjoy France and Germany. It is more
Switzerland Travel Guide For Indian Travellers
The Zurich Airport Railway Station finds itself underneath the Airport Centre itself. This station provides frequent rail or Zürich S-Bahn (railway more
One Day In Bern Switzerland
Another great thing about Bern is that it is easily accessible from many of the other major cities and towns throughout Switzerland. 2 hours from more
Best Cities To Visit In Switzerland Switzerland Top Cities To Visit
Zurich is the biggest city in Switzerland. You get even separate tourism packages just to explore this city in Switzerland. The tour is incomplete more
Restaurant Storchen Aarau Schoenenwerd Switzerland With New Chef
When eating out in my home region of Olten/Aarau in the Swiss Mittelland between Zurich, Basel and Bern, Restaurant Hotel Storchen in Schoenenwerd more
Lindner Grand Hotel Beau Rivage Interlaken
Interlaken is right in the heart of the Jungfrau region in the Bernese Alps, between lakes Thun and Brienz. Its a great jumping off point for more
Gotthard Pass
The Gotthard Pass or St. Gotthard Pass is a spectacular and a bit dangerous mountain pass at 2,106 m. The Gotthard is one of the two main more
Things To Do In Switzerland In Winter
With the winter season also comes the Christmas season. And that brings loads of Glühwein (mulled wine), cookies and ideas for Christmas presents. more
One Day In Zurich, Switzerland
Rhine River cruises begin in Basel, and the nearest international airport is in Zurich, which happens to be the largest city in Switzerland. We flew more
How To Eat Your Way Around Switzerland Without Blowing Your Budget
Another reason to switch out the city roads for the mountain hiking trails are the restaurants there. Authentic Swiss food like rösti, cheese more
2 Days In Zurich Itinerary
Swiss Federal Statistical Office states that there are 20 cities in Switzerland. Top 10 Swiss cities include Zürich, Geneva, Basel, Lausanne, Bern, more
Monday Memories A Long Weekend In Basel Switzerland
Walking around Basel, you can not avoid seeing history everywhere, and you should visit the medieval town. Spalentor, the Gate of Spalen is one of more
Solo Trip To Switzerland In 1000 Usd 8 Days 8 Cities Budget Trip
By Air: Switzerland is well connected with the rest of the world and has seven international airports: Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Bern, Lugano, St. more
Be a VIP at These 5 Top Switzerland Luxury Hotels
The hotels top suite literally and figuratively is the Suite Les Trois Rois. The 2,700-square-foot Art Deco-styled accommodations contains two more
Switzerland Travel Tips
Have an ISIC Card To save 20-50% on the cost of admission to museums and other tourist attractions, be sure to present a valid student card. The more
Travelling In Switzerland
I happen to visit one such town, Basel as is the headquarters of the company i love working for, and base my thoughts looking at the number of more
7 Day Switzerland Itinerary Plus 3 5 10 And 14 Day Options
You could start and/or finish this Switzerland 7 day itinerary in Geneva or Basel.  Travel times and distances should be amended more
Bernese Oberland Itinerary How To Spend 5 Days In Switzerland
Arriving in Switzerland by plane lands you in either Zurich, Geneva or Basel. Each is only a few hours from Interlaken by train, which is the more
How To Open A Swiss Bank Account 102298
The 24 Swiss cantonal banks are intended only for residents of that canton. All cantons have banks apart from Solothurn and Appenzell Ausserrhoden. more
Restaurant Stadtbad Olten Switzerland With Tapas Pop Up
Since this May the culinary scene in my home town of Olten in the Swiss Mittelland between Zurich, Basel and Bern has grown by a refined tapas more
Basel To Lucerne Cheap Travel Switzerland
 When I decided to take this trip over to Basel I wanted to make the most of the short amount of time I would be spending in this wonderful country. more
Only Have A Couple Days In Switzerland Go Here
Accessible by train/gondola, Lauterbrunnen and Mürren are about 2.5 hours away from the major Swiss cities.  One day trip out of Basel to more
Switzerland On A Budget How To Save Money Travelling In Switzerland
We landed in the city called Basel (by the way, the airport in Basel has 3 exits to 3 different countries - Germany, France and Switzerland - make more
A Guide To Spending A Weekend In Basel Switzerland As A Solo Traveller
As with pretty much everything else, food is pretty expensive in Basel but there are some great places to eat and grab a cocktail. I only visited a more
Switzerland Beckons Travelers Holiday Magic
Basel is known as Switzerlands largest and most beautiful Christmas City. Basels main buildings and bridges are aglow with lights during the more
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