Fribourg, Switzerland
Fribourg, Switzerland

Fribourg, Switzerland

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Fribourg or Freiburg is the capital of the Swiss canton of Fribourg and the district La Sarine. It is located on both sides of the river Saane/Sarine, on the Swiss Plateau, and is a major economic, administrative and educational center on the cultural border between German and French Switzerland . Its Old City, one of the best-maintained in Switzerland, sits on a small rocky hill above the valley of the Sarine. Wikipedia
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Fribourg, Switzerland
The Swiss City of Fribourg | Euromaxx
A visit to Freiburg - in French: Fribourg - is like a trip back to ...
Fribourg, Switzerland
Fribourg, Switzerland
Gothic flashback - an impression of Fribourg in time-lapse. The Cathedral of Saint Nicholas towers ...
Fribourg, Switzerland
Finding fondue in Fribourg | Discovering Switzerland Ep.7
With beautifully-preserved medieval villages and towns, grassy farmland and forest, and some of Switzerland's best ...
Fribourg, Switzerland
A walk through Fribourg Switzerland
Join us for a trip to the Middle Ages as we wander the streets of ...
Fribourg, Switzerland
Rorate Mass Basilique Notre-Dame, Fribourg, Suisse
Rorate Mass celebrated at 6:30 AM on 17 December 2014 at the FSSP apostolate in ...
Fribourg, Switzerland
Swiss Canton of Fribourg | Euromaxx
Euromaxx visits the canton of Fribourg in western Switzerland which has two official languages. Of ...
Fribourg, Switzerland
Winter in fribourg (Switzerland) 2019
Fribourg city tour 2019. ...
Fribourg, Switzerland
On Location #4 - Fribourg - Switzerland
[En] For this new On Location video follow us in Fribourg. We visit "Les Gorges ...
Fribourg, Switzerland
So we spent a day in Fribourg, Switzerland, and here is the video we made. ...
Fribourg, Switzerland
SWITZERLAND DAY TRIPS: Exploring the Medieval City of Murten/Morat in Fribourg | Swiss Travel Guides

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Best Places To Visit In Switzerland
Gruyeres is a charming medieval town in the Fribourg canton of Switzerland. The medieval town sits on a small hill overlooking the lush green more
Things To Do In Gruyeres Switzerland
The picture book medieval town of Gruyères is located in the region of Gruyères in the canton of Fribourg in south western more
Laures Kitchen
Coming from a large Swiss family that has always cooked together, she started learning at an early age from her mother and grandmothers, one of more
Public Transportation To Gruyeres Near Fribourg In Switzerland
Gruyères is a very small town in the Swiss canton Fribourg on the unofficial border between French and German-speaking Switzerland. However, the more
Transportation To Fribourg Freiburg In Switzerland
Flying to Fribourg (Freiburg) requires traveling through any of Switzerlands four main airports. Bern Airport (BRN) is the closest to Fribourg but more
What to Eat in Switzerland | The Winged Fork
20 minutes walk up the hill is the Gruyeres castle alongside the very charming medieval village of Gruyere. The cafes here specialize in traditional more
Immaculate Conception Day
The Feast of the Immaculate Conception is a public holiday in the following regions of Switzerland: Aargau, Appenzell Innerrhoden, Fribourg, Graubü more
A Case for Fribourg, Switzerland — Agent Yonder
Fribourg is a stop on most express train lines travelling through Switzerlands plateau, between Geneva and Zurich. This means that if youre more
Best Cities To Visit In Switzerland
With a stunning location straddling the gorge that splits the city in two parts, Fribourg is certainly dramatic to behold and there are a number of more
Tasty Chocolate Experiences To Enjoy In Switzerland
Location: You can find Villars Maître Chocolatier at Rte de la Fonderie 2 in more
Things to do in Switzerland in Winter ⋆ mscgerber
Just outside of Schwarzsee, in the Swiss-German-speaking part of Fribourg canton, is a magical winter wonderland called the Ice Palace. This more
Travel From Home Discover Canton De Vaud In Switzerland
Canton de Vaud, Lake Geneva Region is located in the heart of Europe. The region shares its borders with France and the cantons of Geneva, Neuchâtel, more
Hiking in Bern, Switzerland
For stunning views, the Gantrisch Panoramaweg (Panoramic Trail) is a wonderful hiking option. Leading over the outskirts of Bern and the towns of more
One Day Fribourg Switzerland
History in a nutshell: Fribourg, given its central geographic location, like much of Switzerland, experienced a tumultuous Medieval history. The more
Fondue 101 Culture Etiquette Swiss Specialty
The word fondue comes from the french verb fondre, which means to melt, and while that part makes sense, fondues history is an enigma. While the more
Backpacking Switzerland Budget
This is what I did in Interlaken for several weeks but also in Chur for two weeks, Fribourg for three weeks and Zermatt for eight days. Dont try more
One Day In Bern Itinerary
If youre staying a bit longer in Bern, there are a ton of excellent day trips just a short train ride away, from Vevey, Montreux and Chateaux de more
Transportation To Montreux On Lake Geneva In Switzerland
From Geneva, follow the Autoroute A1 to Lausanne, and then the A12 to Montreux. Travelers from Basel, Zurich, and Germany should take the Autobahn more
Gruyere, Switzerland, What a Trip - Nancy D Brown
Swiss Countryside photo taken from medieval village Gruyeres. Photo by Nancy D. BrownAre you visiting Gruyere, Switzerland for the first time? My more
Day Trip Gruyeres Switzerland
Since Gruyères cheese is popular worldwide, of course, you will want to get a taste of the real thing at its home base. You should try the village more
Cheap Transportation To Geneva Airport Gva
Most Swiss long-distance trains to Geneva terminate at the airport. Direct train services are available to Geneva Airport from amongst others Bern, more
10 Swiss Foods You Should Try
During my first year in Switzerland, a friend recommended that I visit the town of Sugiez, at the base of Mont-Vully in the canton of Fribourg. In more
Education In Switzerland 100021
Higher education includes technical and vocational schools, as well as universities, spread across cantons such as Basel, Berne, Fribourg, Geneva, more
Something SPOOKY in Switzerland!
When the Swiss artist H.R. Giger was awarded an Oscar for Best Visual Effects for his Alien monster in a film of the same name in 1980 - he became more
Most Beautiful Places In Switzerland
Beautiful Fribourg is one of the largest medieval towns in all of Switzerland. It lies above the Sarine River which surrounds it on three sides and more
Best Hikes In Switzerland
A Sunday morning on the Gastlosen hiking trail was a quintessential Swiss experience. There was epic, panoramic mountain views, friendly hikers of more
Gruyeres Switzerland
It then passed to government officials, followed by another private family who had a love for art and finally it was purchased by the Canton more
Top Things To Do In Switzerland
The Maison Cailler chocolate factory is located in Broc near Gruyères in the Canton of Fribourg. You can club a visit to the chocolate factory with more
Chateau De Gruyeres Gruyeres Castle
The Chateau de Gruyeres is a Swiss heritage site located in the town of Gruyeres in Fribourg canton. By car, its only 1 1/2 hours from Geneva and more
Best Glamping Sites In Switzerland
Fribourg, this is a treehouse entirely made of glass panels to give you more
Gourmet Hiking in Switzerland - Girls Getaway
The Swiss get it right. They are passionate about hiking in nature (think exercise, oxygenation and spiritual renewal). But they dont stop there. more
Living in Switzerland - What will surprise you
How often do you meet someone from your own country abroad and cannot speak to them in your mother tounges? If you are from Switzerland, that more
Hiking Switzerlands Iconic Hornlihutte Matterhorn Trail
When you reach your final summit on the Matterhorn Express, youll step off the cable car and almost immediately see Schwarzsee, or Black Lake. The more
The Big 3 7 In Lucerne
By car, Lucerne is just over an hour from Bern and about 40 minutes south of Zurich. For those arriving in Lucerne via Geneva, Bern, or Fribourg, we more
Bern City Of Bears
Over 100 public fountains are sprinkled throughout the city of Bern. Of these, eleven are topped with 16th-century Renaissance statues that more
Most Beautiful Cities In Switzerland
Its not the river alone that separates the city, but you can notice two different cultures and even languages in the same town. If you are looking more
Reasons Visit Switzerland
Go to Bern, Fribourg and Valais for the German speaking part. Bern is the countrys capital and there is a lot to experience, with medieval and more