Jura, Switzerland
Jura, Switzerland

Jura, Switzerland

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The Republic and Canton of the Jura , also known as the canton of Jura or canton Jura , is the newest of the 26 Swiss cantons, located in the northwestern part of Switzerland. The capital is Delémont. It shares borders with the canton of Basel-Landschaft, the canton of Bern, the canton of Neuchatel, the canton of Solothurn, and the French régions of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté and Grand Est. Wikipedia
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Jura, Switzerland
Cycling tour Jura Switzerland 2011
A cycling trip in Switzerland from Basel to Nyon (356 km) along the Jura Route ...
Jura, Switzerland
Thrilling arial visit to Jura, Switzerland
A low-level flight in a Magni Gyrocopter over a medieval monastery and over hills, rocks ...
Jura, Switzerland
Sightseeing Jura, Switzerland
BMW R 1200 GS Adventure and Yamaha XT 660 taking a quick tour to the ...
Jura, Switzerland
Travel in ST-URSANNE, Jura | Switzerland
Discover the beauty of St-ursanne, a little charming medieval village situated in the canton of ...
Jura, Switzerland
I had a lot of fun today with my classmates 🙂 We made a little ...
Jura, Switzerland
Today we visit the canton of Jura, Switzerland with our Sheltie dogs
Jura, Switzerland
Jurassic Mysteries ~ Jura - Switzerland
Jurassic Mysteries ~ Jura - Switzerland Visit Jura, the beautifulest and more mystical area of ...

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Foreign employees residing in Switzerland whose gross salary exceeds CHF 120,000 per year (CHF 500,000 in the Republic and Canton of Geneva) are obli...read more
Madonna Del Sasso Locarno Switzerland
The brother chose to found a chapel on the edge of the rock, a place that was to serve as a pilgrimage site for many centuries to come. Easily one of...read more
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Geneva International Airport is located in the Canton of Geneva in Switzerland, but the northern side of the airport extends to the Swiss-French bord...read more
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Lucerne is the capital of the Canton of Lucerne and is one of the eighth largest cities in Switzerland. This economic and cultural center of the regi...read more
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Mont Saleve is called the Balcony of Geneva and offers stunning panoramic vistas over the city of Geneva and on a clear day of the Jura mountains a...read more
Things To Do In Switzerland With Kids
Its basic, kids love dinosaurs. During a time of cell phones and applications, let your children set their eyes on the genuine article at one of Swi...read more
How To Travel Switzerland On A Budget
North-West part like Jura, followed by the South-West part the Valais and lastly South-East part the Ticino area or Grison/Engadine....read more
Switzerland Cycling Holida
For those keen on a two-wheeled adventure (but less keen on Bradley Wiggins-style mountainous ascents), the Jura region on the border with France is ...read more
Schwingfest Zug
For those staying in Canton Zug and wanting to visit each of the three days consider the special bus ticket (3 days including late-night tariff) cos...read more
Things To Do In Montreux Switzerland
The annual International Balloon Festival held in Alpine village of Château dOex near Montreux is one of the popular festivals in Switzerland which ...read more
Solo Travel Destination: Solothurn, Switzerland
The city sits at the southern end of the Jura mountain range so there are plenty of hiking and walking opportunities. Buses run from the city center ...read more
6 Culinary Specialities You Should Try In Switzerland
Switzerland consists of three main geographical regions. The first one is the Alps, which cross the country forming wide bends and occupying a large ...read more
Best Places To Visit In Switzerland
Set between nearby Alpine peaks and the hilly terrain of the Jura, French-speaking Geneva lies in the bay where the Rhone leaves Lake Geneva. With it...read more
Switzerland Travel Guide | The Planet D
Most of the country has a central European climate with the coldest area being in the Jura (particularly the Brevine Valley) while the hottest being ...read more
Welcome to the second-most populous city in Switzerland! Imagine visiting the most famous Lake Geneva surrounded by the Alps and the Jura mountains w...read more
Alpenwild Tours
You get to embark on an unforgettable hunt for fragrant and rare forest truffles in the Jura mountains with an expert truffle hunter and his Lagotto ...read more
Celebrating Swiss National Day | Anita's Feast
The legendary oath of the Old Swiss Confederacythe Rütlschwur was taken on the Rütli meadow above Lake Lucerne, in the territory of Seelisburg. The...read more
St Martin In Porrentruy Switzerland
In Porrentruy, this time of year also coincides with the end of the harvest period, and historically, this date also served as the deadline for farme...read more
Switzerland Chocolate Coffee Other Food Adventures In Switzerland Oh My
Jura milk and green fairy are just two of the names for the concoction of herbs, alcohol and water known as absinthe. From 1910 to 2005 it was pr...read more
Travel guide Switzerland | The roving puffin
Thanks to the small size of the country, it is very easy to get around Switzerland. Within one hour of drive, you could reach the Jura for a horsebac...read more
A Guide To Swiss Health Insurance 693473
According to the Swiss Federal Office for Public Health (FOPH), Swiss health insurance premiums will rise by an average of 1.2% in 2019; with the ave...read more
Dreikonigstag Three Kings Day
In the cantons of central Switzerland some very local traditions mark Three Kings Day: Epiphany singing and Greiflet. In Canton Schwyz, this ancient ...read more
St Stephens Day
St. Stephen's Day is a regional public holiday in all Swiss Cantons, with the exception of Geneva, Jura and Neuchâtel. It is always observed on Decem...read more
Assumption Day
In Switzerland, this is a regional holiday celebrated in Aargau, Appenzell Innerrhoden, Fribourg, Jura, Lucerne, Nidwalden, Obwalden, Schwyz, Solothu...read more
Are You A Cheese Lover Head To Emmental Switzerland
Even on a cloudy day, Emmental is effortlessly picturesque. The landscape is hilly, hence another reason why electric bikes are ideal for this terrai...read more
Most Beautiful Places In Switzerland
Ascona is located on the northern shore of Lake Maggiore in the Canton of Ticino, Switzerlands Italian-speaking region. It has a beautiful old town ...read more
Top Foods To Eat In Switzerland
Switzerland cheese also has seasonality and can be acquired through this cheese variety in the country. Vacherin Mont dOr is only available between ...read more
Things to do in Lugano - Holidays to Switzerland
The mountain summit (at 1704 metres above sea level) is the main vantage point in the Canton of Ticino with views stretching from the Apennines to th...read more
Switzerland Bucket List
German- and French-speaking Swiss people might have a rivalry with one another, but one region of Switzerland that seems to engender universal love a...read more
Switzerland Is A Dream Winter Destination
The northern part of the country features a well-rounded selection of ski resorts near Zurich and over by St. Gallen. Flumserberg, located less than ...read more
Top Things To Do In Switzerland
The Maison Cailler chocolate factory is located in Broc near Gruyères in the Canton of Fribourg. You can club a visit to the chocolate factory with a...read more
Winter Excursion To Lavaux
If I needed an excuse to travel in Switzerland on holidayand I dont require any at all!taking a personalized wine tour in Vaud would be an excelle...read more
Chateau And Top Sights To See In Coppet Near Geneva
Coppet is the first village in Canton Vaud (Waadt) when driving from Geneva on the lakeside Route 1. Coppet is just 2 km to the north of the border w...read more
Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Switzerland
Surrounding by the Alps and Jura mountains, Geneva is another picture-perfect city to visit in Switzerland. You will find here several shops for some...read more
Where To Stay In Switzerland
Geneva is surrounded by both the Alps and the Jura mountains making it an amazing place to visit. Geneva boasts loads of Roman era buildings and ther...read more
5 Amazing Experiences To Have In Ticino Switzerland
The Canton of Ticino combines a piece of the Italian Kitchen with Swiss delicacies. You dont want to miss the Risotto with parmesan and swiss porcin...read more
Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Switzerland
Sauvabelin Forest is also one of the amazing places to visit in Switzerland. And free accessed Sauvabelin tower will provide you a 360° view on the l...read more
Gruyeres Switzerland
It then passed to government officials, followed by another private family who had a love for art and finally it was purchased by the Canton Fribourg...read more
Deck Bar Chexbres Switzerland
The Deck is the bar near to the restaurant called Le Baron Tavernier. At le Deck Bar you may enjoy delicious cocktails or others drinks and if you ar...read more
Top Sights To See In Nyon On Lake Geneva Switzerland
Almost all trains traveling between Genève and Lausanne stop en route in Nyon. Generally four trains an hour are available with traveling time from G...read more
Some Of The Best Visiting Place In Switzerland
Lausanne on the east is Lake Geneva, a giant liquid Basin that has been aptly called by the Celts, no man falls large water. its now referred to ...read more
Five Day Trips From Geneva
The road from Geneva to Perouges was also beautiful, winding its way through the Jura mountains between Switzerland and France. Everything is green a...read more
Solo Trip To Switzerland In 1000 Usd 8 Days 8 Cities Budget Trip
Geneva is the last destination of this 7 day Switzerland itinerary. It is another small but expensive city in Switzerland surrounded by the Alps and ...read more
Gourmet Hiking in Switzerland - Girls Getaway
The Swiss get it right. They are passionate about hiking in nature (think exercise, oxygenation and spiritual renewal). But they dont stop there. ...read more
10 Tips Road Trip Switzerland
The Swiss mountain passes are legendary. As you could see in the infographic, Switzerland has 101 (you may applaud now) of pass roads. These are main...read more
Gruyere, Switzerland, What a Trip - Nancy D Brown
Swiss Countryside photo taken from medieval village Gruyeres. Photo by Nancy D. BrownAre you visiting Gruyere, Switzerland for the first time? My fav...read more
Susten Pass
Susten Pass (Passo del Susten) is located at an elevation of 2,224 m (7,297 ft) above the sea level in the Swiss Alps. The road over the pass, which ...read more
Grand Train Tour Switzerland
Its back to the Swiss metropolis of Zurich today, but if you have time youll want to fit in a visit to Mount Pilatus. It has excellent hiking trail...read more
60 Attractions And Things To Do In Interlaken And Surrounds
During winter, the Stockhorn is a great destination for ice skating, snowshoeing and ice fishing. There is a restaurant and a viewing platform which ...read more
Switzerland - Here To Travel
It is geographically divided between the Alps, the Swiss Plateau and the Jura, spanning a total area of 41,285 km2 (15,940 sq mi), and land area of 3...read more
Zincarlin Della Valle Di Muggio A Little Cheese With A Big Job
At the end of two months, the cheese is packaged for limited sale in a shop in Mendrisio and at Coop outlets in Canton Ticino. The cheese can also b...read more
Best Glamping Sites In Switzerland
its Glass Diamond Treehouse. Located right on the lakeshore in the Canton of...read more
Switzerland Beckons Travelers Holiday Magic
There are 26 cantons in Switzerland, three of them joining together initially in 1291 to form the Swiss Federation. The last canton to join was Jura ...read more
Top Places You Cant Miss In Switzerland
One of the most important things to remember on your trip to Switzerland: if you have bad luck with a rainy day, which can cover the whole country, G...read more
Seeing Switzerland By Train Bus And Boat
Lake Lucerne Navigation Companys fleet of five nostalgic paddle steamers and 15 modern motor vessels provides a variety of excursions that offer uni...read more
Switzerland Cities and Travel Guide
Geneva lies between the Alps and the Jura mountains on the shore of Lake Geneva on the west side of Switzerland bordering on France. It's the second ...read more
Zurich 24 Hours Ultimate Travel Guide
[] down from Zurich through the Jura region of Switzerland our first glimpse of Lake Geneva came as we entered []...read more
35 The Wildstrubel Circuit A Photographic Essay The Bernese Alps Switzerland July 2016
We had now crossed the spine of the Bernese Alps and were descending into the Valais, a French speaking Canton of Switzerland, and at this point most...read more
The Ultimate Switzerland Itinerary
Geneva is famous for being the headquarters of the United Nations and is truly a global city thanks to it. It is situated on the border of Lake Genev...read more
Reasons Visit Switzerland
Visit the Romandy area if you want to get a feel of the French side of Switzerland the majority of the French speaking Swiss live here along Geneva...read more