Restaurant MILAN, Switzerland
Restaurant MILAN, Switzerland

Restaurant MILAN, Switzerland

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Last Updated: 10/18/2020
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Hiking In Switzerland
For such a small country its interesting that Switzerland has three major international airports:  Zurich, Geneva and Basel, Its also possible to more
The 7 Best Things To Do In Lugano, Switzerland
Its an easy 1 hour 15 minute train ride from Milan to Lugano or 2 hours from Zurich, and the station has just been renovated. Theres also an more
Transportation To Montreux On Lake Geneva In Switzerland
Montreux has good railway connections to the rest of Switzerland and also surprisingly short traveling times to several European cities including more
Things To Do In St Moritz
St. Moritz is located in Eastern Switzerland in the Canton of Graubunden. It is 204 kilometres from Zurich, 328 kilometres from Bern, 480 kilometres more
Bernina Express Train In Switzerland Guide
Name of TourDeparts from...LengthCostIncludes...Reviews Bernina Red Train: Return Day-TicketTiranoFull day$Return ticket from Tirano to St. Moritz more
Best Day Trips From Lugano Switzerland
Milan also makes a great day trip from Lugano. It is the home of Leonardo da Vincis Last Supper, one of the most famous paintings in the world. more
Best Day Trips Milan
Small and charming, Lake Iseo is the weekend escape of people from Milan and Bergamo, especially when the weather is good. Ive been there once in more
Road Trip Through Switzerland
My trip began at Malpensa Airport, the international airport half an hour away outside the city from Milan. To get there, I got a train from Verona more
How To Travel Switzerland On A Budget
Another option which might work is checking flights to the neighbouring Malpensa in Italy. A 2h train journey later and you could be in beautiful more
The Mongol Rally Diaries Week 1 Switzerland To Turkey
Driving over the cobblestones of Milan its apparent that the rear suspension of our trusty chariot is completely shot. The spare tyre is currently more
Living In Switzerland Best Swiss Cities For Expats 103091
Switzerlands most southern town, Lugano, often regarded as the capital of Italian-speaking Switzerland, is a stark contrast to the other top Swiss more
The Best Destination for a Scenic Train Trip
This one is my personal favorite. On the run between Chur and Tirano, in northern Italy, it covers the same Chur-St. Moritz segment as the Glacier more
Switzerland Scenic Train Trips
Soon after the tunnel, you find yourself in the canton of Ticino with Italian language and culture. At the terminal destination of the train Lugano more
Youll Treasure 7 Unique Switzerland Experiences
One particularly notable village, a favorite of visitors, is Morcote. You might think youre visiting a miniature Milan with good reason. Morcote more
Things To Do In Chur Switzerland
Chur bills itself as the largest shopping mecca between Zurich and Milan, with over 500 shops to offer visitors, so maybe its time to loosen those more
Kulm Hotel St Moritz
In a commanding position in the upper village of St Moritz Dorf with views stretching out across the lake, Kulm Hotel leaves you perfectly poised to more
Zurich Switzerland
By flight: Zurich has a large international airport, very well connected to most places in the world. The airport is just 10 minutes away from the more
Return to Switzerland – The Adventure Goes On
We re-entered Switzerland through Italy, and while it took a few busses and trains to get to Interlaken from Milan, as soon as the train began more
Lugano Switzerland
You can get to Lugano from Milan by car or by train. The train station is on a hill. From here, the easiest way to get to the city center is by more
Short Stay Switzerland The Bernina Express In 3 Days
When choosing an itinerary, think about your end destination. This will determine where you start. We choose to end in Bologna, Italy because that more
Best Places to Visit in Switzerland Tour – Travel With Me 24 X 7
HOW TO REACH  The easiest one day trip to get to Lugano is via car and train. Hop a train to Lugano from Milan, Geneva, Zurich, or Basel. If you more
A Scenic Bus Ride In Switzerland
Starting from Milan, we entered into Switzerland from its southernmost town of Chiasso. But before we knew it, we were already zipping along the more
The World's Wine - National Wine Day
One of the locations frequented by Leonardo Da Vinci was Casa Degli Atellani a short distance from the Church of Santa Maria Delle Grazie where more
Overview Swiss Roger Weiss Eating The Act Of Confidence
Roger Weiss was born in Switzerland and began experimenting with photography from an early age. Graduated with Mention of Excellence from the more
Milan To Swiss Alps
On your arrival, you will be taken through the picturesque town of St. Moritz in Switzerland, which is home to an array of iconic pit stops and more
Visitors Guide To Lucerne Switzerland
Because of its central location, Lucerne is located relatively close to a number of large Swiss cities such as Bern, Zürich, and Geneva.  In more
Switzerland - Be My Travel Muse
Getting There: The main airports are Geneva Airport, Zurich Airport, and Basel-Mulhouse Airport. They are generally well connected with major more
Honeymoon Destinations In Switzerland
Zermatt is 3-4 hours drive from the nearby airports Zurich, Geneva, Milan, Sion and Bern. Zermatt is a car-free place in Switzerland. So you have more
Simplon Pass Passo Del Sempione
Simplon Pass (also spelled Simplonpass, Passo del Sempione, or Col du Simplon) is a mountain pass with an elevation of 2,005 m (6,578 ft) between more
Switzerland Itinerary With Swiss Travel Pass By Train
You can also club other countries Lake Como or Milan in Italy from Zermatt/ St. Moritz, visit the Bavarian region and Austrian Tirol region from more
Things To Do In St Moritz
The mountain roads in Switzerland are in perfect conditions and invite for a scenic ride. It will take you about 3 hours if you come via Zurich or more
Five Gorgeous Towns That Will Make You Dream Of Switzerland
On the shores of Lake Lugano just a few miles from the city of Lugano lies the dreamy village of Morcote. This former fishing village is perched in more
15 Reasons Why You Must Visit Switzerland
Located in the heart of Europe, the landlocked country is bordered by four countries which are popular travel destinations as well: Germany, Italy, more
Lago Maggiore, Mozzafiato! - My Travel Affairs
Few hours later we are coming back to the harbour to enjoy a great conversation and some Negroni over the sun set. After that we are heading off more
Campione d'Italia - Tax Haven - Detailed Guide
It had several magnificent churches and many mansions built by Campione Master Stonemasons. At the time, Campione was under the political sway of more
From Switzerland to Italy: A Journey Through the Swiss Alps
Lugano was by far one of the hilliest cities Ive visited. Walking from the train station down to the main square was a work out, to say the least. more
Andermatt is a picturesque village, 1.5 hours from Zurich International Airport, 1 hour from Lucerne, 2 hours from Milan and 4.5 hours from Munich. more