Piz Gloria, Switzerland
Piz Gloria, Switzerland

Piz Gloria, Switzerland

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Piz Gloria is the name of the revolving restaurant at the 2,970 m-high summit of the Schilthorn near Mürren in the Bernese Oberland, Switzerland. Wikipedia
Last Updated: 09/22/2020
Piz Gloria, SwitzerlandPiz Gloria, SwitzerlandPiz Gloria, SwitzerlandPiz Gloria, SwitzerlandPiz Gloria, SwitzerlandPiz Gloria, SwitzerlandPiz Gloria, SwitzerlandPiz Gloria, SwitzerlandPiz Gloria, Switzerland

Piz Gloria Travel Videos

Piz Gloria, Switzerland
Top 10 things to do in Interlaken, Switzerland. Visit Interlaken
Top 10 Interlaken. Top places to visit in Interlaken, Switzerland. Top attraction to see in ...
Piz Gloria, Switzerland
Schilthorn Switzerland Travel Guide
A travel guide for visiting the Schilthorn in Switzerland. Everything you need to know to ...
Piz Gloria, Switzerland
Tour Lauterbrunnen - Mürren - Schilthorn - Stechelberg
The tour starts in Lauterbrunnen by taking the cable car to Grütschalp. Then the train ...
Piz Gloria, Switzerland
A Day Trip to Schilthorn in the Bernese Oberland, Switzerland June 2015
Piz Gloria, Switzerland
James Bond Club MISSION PIZ GLORIA feat. 007 Collector @ SF1 Swiss Television
Piz Gloria, Switzerland
HOW TO TRAVEL Lauterbrunnen Switzerland to Schilthorn Piz Gloria (full experience) | Europe Trip Ep1
Piz Gloria, Switzerland
Tour of Piz Gloria (Schilthorn)
The restaurant at the top of Schilthorn, in the Jungfrau region of the Swiss Alps. ...
Piz Gloria, Switzerland
A Visit to Piz Gloria (Schilthorn Summit) X-Plane 11
In this short piece I visit an unbelievable place, high up in the Swiss Alps ...
Piz Gloria, Switzerland
SWITZERLAND Travel: 5 Best Tourist Attractions
This is Switzerland travel information. But it turns out that Switzerland travel also keeps the ...
Piz Gloria, Switzerland
Mount Schilthorn| Piz Gloria| Switzerland|James bond restaurant|Life of T
Hi everyone, This will probably be the last video from the Switzerland trip and I ...

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Review Hotel Caprice In Grindelwald
Hotel Caprice is located in Grindelwald, a very popular little town (or village) close to places like Jungrfraujoch, Schilthorn, Interlaken, Lake B...read more
Ask A Local What Should I Do See Eat In Murren Switzerland
First, go to the mountaintop lookout point of Schilthorn to get an impression of the mountain world we live in. Then take a stroll through the villag...read more
Switzerland Itinerary With Swiss Travel Pass By Train
It covers mountain excursions like Rigi Kulm, Schilthorn, and Stanserhorn. You get a 50 % discount for all other Mountain Excursion and 25% discount...read more
Bern Switzerland Swiss Capital
With its central location, Bern makes a great base for day trips.  Lucerne is only an hour and a half away, and the popular holiday town of Interlake...read more
Top Things To Do In Switzerland
One of the top hiking trails in Switzerland is the Schilthorn Hike, which is a very challenging trek with over 1600m of altitude to climb throughout ...read more
Switzerland Travel Tips And Budget
The Swiss Travel Passes also include free entry to museum, boat rides, cable cards. Some mountains are also included: Stanserhorn, Schilthorn and Rig...read more
Best Places to Visit in Switzerland Tour – Travel With Me 24 X 7
There are many things to do in Interlaken like enjoying excursions many nearby mountains.  The Jungfraujoch, Schilthorn, Schynige Platte and Grindelw...read more
Best Lauterbrunnen Hotels And Accommodation
Hotel Steinbock sits on the edge of the village as you arrive from Interlaken. From here, you are close to the cable car station, train station, and ...read more
Train Travel In Switzerland
Another positive is that the Travel Pass includes some free/discounted excursions such as the cable cars up to the Schilthorn from Murren (50% off), ...read more
Interlaken Jungfrau Region
Lauterbrunnen The postcard-worthy village of Lauterbrunnen sits in the Lauterbrunnen Valley, surrounded by 72 waterfalls. Just 20 minutes from Inte...read more
Most Beautiful Villages In Switzerland
Wengen is a car-free Alpine village in the Jungfrau region. Wengen is about 15 minutes train ride from Lauterbrunnen. There are plenty of scenic hiki...read more
Ski Guide: Murren, Bernese Oberland, Switzerland
The small mountain village of Murren is in the Bernese Oberland, home to some of the oldest established ski resorts in Switzerland. It is part of the...read more
Piz Gloria James Bond Schilthorn Switzerland
While searching for the ideal film location for Blofelds lair, the production team came across a partly constructed sports bar with a revolving floo...read more
Best Hikes In Switzerland
The Schilthorn hike from Murren is a challenging trek with more than 1600m of incline throughout the trail, all the way to the Piz Gloria summit wher...read more
Best Cablecar Rides Switzerland
From Gimmelwald another 5-minute ride above the brown chalets of Gimmelwald will bring one to car-free village of Murren. The charming villages Gimme...read more
Things to Know About Jungfrau Region, Switzerland
Top of Family: Mürren is a small, car-free and traditional mountain village at an elevation of 1,650 m (5,413 ft.) above sea level. Surrounded with m...read more
Best Towns To Visit In Switzerland
Mürren itself is very small, located on a sunny terrace you will find incredible views of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau mountain as well as 360 degre...read more
Things To Do In Interlaken
Do you want to feel like James Bond in one of his movies? Then the Schilthorn is the perfect location for you: It was home to a James Bond movie (On ...read more
Piz Gloria Switzerland
On this trip I venture into -13° temperatures in search of Ernst Stavro Blofelds lair, Piz Gloria, walk a terrifying walkway above perilous rocks an...read more
3 Nights In Murren 2003 Trip Switzerland
Mürren is a Swiss mountain village at the foot of the Schilthorn peak. The elevation in Mürren is 5,374 feet (1,638 metres). When I arrived, all I co...read more
Our 2 Week Itinerary Switzerland
We looked around Murren a bit, but mostly came for the breakfast, the view and the gondola up to Schilthorn. This gondola was quite large, holding 3...read more
Hiking Switzerland
From Lauterbrunnen or Murren, take the cable car (or hike up, as our daughters did) to the revolving Piz Gloria restaurant and the fascinating Bond W...read more
12 Views in Switzerland too Stunning to be Real
How about soaking up a view from a James Bond movie? At the revolving restaurant on Piz Gloria you can enjoy a champagne breakfast and take in the st...read more
Best Hikes In Switzerland
The hike from Murren to Schilthorn is challenging with 1600m of altitude climbed throughout the trail to the Piz Gloria summit where James Bond 007...read more
60 Attractions And Things To Do In Interlaken And Surrounds
Home to the worlds first revolving restaurant, the Schilthorn was also the setting for the James Bond movie On Her Majestys Secret Service.  The ...read more
Must See Places In Interlaken With 165 Usd
Schilthorn by Costly route: At the foothills of Staubach waterfalls and right in front of Lauterbrunnen station buy your ticket from the counter or f...read more
Things To Do In Interlaken
Visit Schilthorn and see the Swiss Skyline from there.  When visiting Shilthorn date James Bond at the Here are more tips (and visit the 007 museum...read more
Helpful Switzerland Travel Tips
Just because the town of Interlaken may be 70 degrees one day does not mean the mountains near Interlaken will be 70 degrees too. In mid June when I ...read more
Top 10 Tourist Attractions In Switzerland
Schilthorn is one of the most visited locations and top 10 attractions in Switzerland. This place could be reached by a gondola from the tiny, pictur...read more
Piz Gloria James Bond Museum
On Her Majesty's Secret Service was released in 1969.  In the film, Bond's enemy Blofeld has his hideout on top of Piz Gloria, or Schilthorn Mountain...read more
Bernese Oberland Itinerary How To Spend 5 Days In Switzerland
The last stop on your day out in Lauterbrunnen is the Schilthorn. It is a 2790m (9974ft) peak right at the end of the valley that can be reached via ...read more
Preparing For The Worlds Longest Downhill Ski Race The Inferno In Murren Switzerland
Its a 14.9km-long downhill ski race, the longest in the world, which in 2017 is in its 74th year. It will take place on the Saturday 21st January at...read more
Regional Pass Berner Oberland Info Prices And Inclusions
Schilthorn mountain sits above the village of Mürren, however the chain of cable cars that take visitors to the Piz Gloria revolving restaurant at it...read more
10 Days Switzerland Itinerary
For the sixth day of your Switzerland itinerary, its time to catch some more spectacular views from Schilthorn. Catch a cable car to Schilthorn from...read more
Switzerland Is A Dream Winter Destination
Even more pistes, toboggan runs and walking trails can be found at Murren, a destination made famous not only by its spectacular landscapes, but also...read more
Things To Do In Switzerland In Winter
Some places in Switzerland offer you to spend some nights in an igloo. While this sounds like a cold experience, they make sure you stay warm and cos...read more
The Best Places To Go Skiing In Switzerland
Mürren is home to the Schilthorn, a ski area thats perfect for intermediate skiers and experts. Youll get your moneys worth near the top of the Sc...read more
Switzerland | Earth Trekkers
If you are planning a visit to the Bernese Alps and only have the time, or the money, for Jungfraujoch or Schilthorn, which one should you visit? Bot...read more
Swiss Travel Pass Perks
Even with a Swiss Travel Pass handy, there is still a fee to reach Jungfraujoch (Top of Europe). Head to Schilthorn as an equally impressive alternat...read more
Only Have A Couple Days In Switzerland Go Here
Further up the mountain is the Schilthorn, featuring a rotating restaurant/James Bond museum with spectacular views.  The structure that is now a cir...read more
The Ultimate Guide To Skiing In Murren Switzerland
          I had 5 whole days of skiing on the Schilthorn mountain prior to the Inferno race, with some good powder at the beginning of the week and s...read more
Best Places To Visit In Switzerland
Get ready to spend a day in car-free alpine village today. Murren lies at the foothill of Schilthorn and offers stunning panoramic vistas of Jungfrau...read more
Via Ferrata Murren Gimmelwald
If you are spending more time in the region you should check out the Guide to Schilthorn, the Mannlichen to Kleine Scheidegg Hiking Trail and the Bac...read more
Best Places In Switzerland
Another great days excursion from Lauterbrunnen is to the Schilthorn, the mountain peak where the James Bond movie On Her Majestys Secret Service...read more
Best Places To Visit In Switzerland
One can also take a cable car from Murren to the summit of Mount. Schilthorn. Mount. Schilthorn is popularly known as the James Bond Mountain after t...read more
Touring The Berner Oberland In Switzerland A Family Favorite
For many of our travelers, a day in the Berner Oberland is a highlight of their Switzerland tour.This beautiful region in central Switzerland is perf...read more
Adventure In The Alps My Favorite Spots In Switzerland
From Lauterbrunnen, you can take the cableway and an incredibly scenic train to the car-free town of Mürren. This tiny village lies at the foot of th...read more
The Grand Tour Of Switzerland By Car 14 Day Itinerary
If you dont fancy sitting on a train for so long, an excursion to the Schilthorn is another great option.  Drive to Stechelberg, just past Lauterbru...read more
Lauterbrunnen Things To Do
If you take a cable car up from Mürren, you can go to Schilthorn, where the 1969 James Bond movie On Her Majestys Secret Service was filmed. But eve...read more
Switzerland Itinerary 7 To 21 Days In Switzerland
Five days might sound like too much time in the Bernese Oberland, but trust, me, it is not. We spent six days here and could have used more time. Plu...read more
Paragliding And Hiking In Murren
We were in bed by 9:00 pm that night. The next day wed be going up to the Schilthorn very early so we wanted to be well rested. Overall, a fantastic...read more
Seeing Switzerland By Train Bus And Boat
The route includes these five premium panoramic trainsLuzern-Interlaken Express, GoldenPass MOB Panoramic, Glacier Express, Bernina Express and Gott...read more
Interlaken Attractions Top Things Interlaken Switzerland
Interlaken attractions will be incomplete without a mountain trip. From Interlaken you can go to the mountain peaks of The Monk, Eiger, Jungfrau and ...read more
The Golden Rule Of Travel Be Flexible
I am a lets-find-a-place-to-stay-and-wing-it kind of traveler. For instance, when my friends and I hopped a plane to Switzerland in Summer 2012, all...read more
A Summer Trip To Switzerland
Visa: You need a valid Schengen Visa to visit Switzerland.Currency: The currency of Switzerland is Swiss franc (CHF), but Euro is also accepted every...read more
50 Unique Things To Do In Switzerland
The famous James Bond restaurant in Switzerland is located at the top of Schilthorn, a 2970 meter high mountain peak in the middle of the country. Th...read more
5 Easy Ways To Save Money Traveling Switzerland
There are many reasons to travel by train in Switzerland (#1 being it's the most famous rail system in the world) but the main reason is to save cash...read more
Do you want to see the Alps from above, including sweeping views of the Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau? Well if you head up to Schilthorn above the Lauter...read more
10 Amazing Things To Do In Lauterbrunnen Switzerland
Visit the quaint traditional village of Murren only accessible by cable car from Lauterbrunnen and Stechelberg is a stop on the way to Schilthorn. Mü...read more
Surviving The Inferno In Murren The Worlds Longest Downhill Ski Race
         The day itself begins early, with the first racers heading up to the top of the famous Schilthorn Mountain and kicking off the race around 9...read more
10 Days In Switzerland Itinerary
The Jungfrau region is split into a few different areas you have the Lauterbrunnen valley on one end with the famous Schilthorn, and towns such as ...read more
Best Hikes To Do In The Bernese Oberland Switzerland
How to do this Hike: Ride the cable car from Mürren to Schilthorn. Enjoy the views from Piz Gloria, have brunch in the revolving restaurant, and visi...read more
Best Places To Visit Switzerland Escorted Tours River Cruises
Your base on our eight-day Switzerlands Bernese Oberland tour is a four-star elegant hotel in Interlaken, which has been welcoming guests since the ...read more
5 Days Switzerland Itinerary
You could get a discount with the swiss pass but either way, dont miss these must-do activities in Lauterbrunnen. Hit the hiking trails, Paragliding...read more
Rhein Falls with Kids | Thrifty Travel Mama
Taking the family to Switzerland?  Check our adventures in Stein am Rhein and Schilthorn with kids!...read more
Mt Pilatus More Swiss Alps With Kids
Pilatus had no snow on it, and we could only catch hazy glimpses of the snow-capped peaks in the distance. Schilthorn still had some snow, but all th...read more

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