Rigi, Switzerland
Rigi, Switzerland

Rigi, Switzerland

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The Rigi is a mountain massif of the Alps, located in Central Switzerland. The whole massif is almost entirely surrounded by the water of three different bodies of water: Lake Lucerne, Lake Zug and Lake Lauerz. The range is in the Schwyzer Alps, and is split between the cantons of Schwyz and Lucerne, although the main summit, named Rigi Kulm, at 1,798 meters above sea level, lies within the canton of Schwyz. The Rigi Kulm and other areas, such as the resort of Rigi Kaltbad, are served by Europe's oldest mountain railways, the Rigi Railways. Wikipedia
Last Updated: 09/22/2020
Rigi, SwitzerlandRigi, SwitzerlandRigi, SwitzerlandRigi, SwitzerlandRigi, SwitzerlandRigi, SwitzerlandRigi, SwitzerlandRigi, SwitzerlandRigi, Switzerland

Rigi Travel Videos

Rigi, Switzerland
Lucerne Excursions: Rigi, Bürgenstock, Pilatus, Switzerland
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Rigi, Switzerland
Lake Lucerne Cruise - Mount Rigi Adventure
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Rigi, Switzerland
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Mount Rigi, Switzerland - Reachable for a Day trip from Luzern or Zurich in Switzerland. ...
Rigi, Switzerland
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Rigi, Switzerland
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Rigi, Switzerland
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Rigi, Switzerland
Mount Rigi, Switzerland
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Rigi, Switzerland
Lucerne to Rigi | The Classic Scenic Round Trip | Switzerland | 4K
Rigi, Switzerland
Visiting Mount Rigi | Switzerland Trip
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Rigi, Switzerland
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Terrasse See Lakeside Escape Vitznau Switzerland
The Hotel Terrasse am See is spectacularly situated, and dates from the earliest days of railway service to Mount Rigi. Built in 1873 as the Hotel Pe...read more
Switzerland Honeymoon
Mount Rigi Kulm is the summit of the Mount Rigi also known as the Queen of the Mountains. The summit offers incredible views of the lakes, villages...read more
Day Trips From Lucerne
Mount Rigi was one of our best day trips in Switzerland. Popularly known as the Queen of the Mountains Mount Rigi offers some breathtaking views of...read more
Mt Titlis Mt Pilatus Or Mt Rigi Which Makes The Best Day Trip From Lucerne
Sometimes known as the Queen of the mountains (Rigi comes from Regina, the Latin for queen), Mount Rigi is another mountain massif. It is surrounde...read more
Best Mountain Views In Switzerland
Another beautiful mountain view in the region of Lucerne can be found from Mount Rigi....read more
Best Of Switzerland Lucerne To Geneva
We took a train up to the top of Mount Rigi to enjoy the  Rigi Kaltbad Mineral Baths & Spa. This is a fantastic way to immerse in the classic Swiss e...read more
Best Cablecar Rides Switzerland
The Rigi Kulm or the summit of Rigi mountain is one of the most romantic places to visit on Switzerland honeymoon. A day trip to Mount Rigi Kulm popu...read more
Train Travel In Switzerland
Another positive is that the Travel Pass includes some free/discounted excursions such as the cable cars up to the Schilthorn from Murren (50% off), ...read more
Hiking In Switzerland
Lucerne is surrounded by stunning mountains, and one of the most famous is Mount Rigi with the radio tower proudly jutting from the top. There are ma...read more
Ask A Local What Should I Doseeeat In Lucerne Switzerland
Mount Pilatus is a challenging but rewarding hike. Start from Kriens and head down to Alpnachstadt. Mount Rigi is also greatand you can even combine...read more
Day Trips From Basel
If city sightseeing is not your interest you can also plan one of the amazing day trips from Lucerne. Mount Titlis is a popular snow resort that offe...read more
Mount Rigi offers a wide variety of activities, such as hiking, walking on trails, biking and also mini golfing. There was a number of cafes and rest...read more
3 Days in Switzerland Itinerary - Arzo Travels
The next must-do for your three-day Switzerland itinerary should be spending half a day (at least) to head to Mount Rigi and do a Mount Rigi boat tou...read more
Day Two Mt Rigi Switzerland
Also, as I have stated that my base for this trip is Basel, I arrived at the SBB Basel Station and with a plan to cover Zermatt on that day, I got de...read more
My Soul Searching in Switzerland
We did venture outside when we wanted a change in scenery. One of my favourite places in Switzerland is the gorgeous Lake Luzern, where Swiss Pass ho...read more
Switzerland Honeymoon
Or visit Mount Rigi or Mount Pilatus both are very close to the city and offer amazing views of the city below. ...read more
Day Trips From Interlaken
If you are traveling with kids you may not want to miss a visit to the Swiss Transport Museum displaying models of trains, airplanes, cars, buses and...read more
Best Places To Visit In Switzerland
Mount Rigi popularly known as the Queen of the Mountains is a mountain massif of the Alps surrounded by Lake Lucerne, Lake Zug, and Lake Lauerza. T...read more
Things To Do In Lucerne Switzerland
Mount Pilatus Summer Day Trip from LucerneIndependent Mount Rigi Tour from LucerneMount Titlis Eternal Snow Half-Day Trip from LucerneJungfraujoch To...read more
What To Do In Lucerne Switzerland
There are a lot of day trip options around Lucerne, but if you want to do a hike, see a great panorama, and have the Swiss Travel Pass (more on the p...read more
Things To Do In Lucerne Switzerland
If you looking base yourself in Lucerne then the best location to book accommodation near the Lucerne Train station as most of the things to do in Lu...read more
Beautiful Lakes To Visit In Switzerland
Covering 114 square kilometres and located at 434 metres , it has stunning scenery and a shoreline rising into soaring mountains, including Mount Rig...read more
Switzerland Itinerary 7 Days
From Lucerne you can choose from three different options: Mount Pilatus, Mount Rigi, and Mount Titlus. They are all easily accessible from the city c...read more
Things To Do In Switzerland In Winter
A lot of Swiss cities and towns look absolutely gorgeous in winter. One of my personal favourite Swiss cities in winter is Lucerne. On sunny days it ...read more
Switzerland Itinerary 5 Days Switzerland In 5 Days
The next must do for your five-day Switzerland itinerary should be spending half a day (at least) to see one of the mountains.  This  could either be...read more
2 Days In Lucerne Itinerary
On your second day in Lucerne, get out of the city and enjoy a quintessential Swiss Alps mountain experience. There are a number of fantastic day tri...read more
Best Places To Visit In Switzerland
Evening Spend your time at Mount Rigi before returning to Lucerne. Or, you can enjoy a dinner at Restaurant Alpina and stay back at Rigi....read more
Switzerland Itinerary 7 Days
I got a sandwich at the Millet close to the train station and got on a ferry to cross the Lake Lucerne on a half day trip to Mount Rigi, and managed ...read more
2 Days In Switzerland Itinerary
As soon as you arrive, you will realise why Lucerne is the most popular travel destinations in Switzerland. Surrounded by the striking panoramas of M...read more
Switzerland Itinerary With Swiss Travel Pass By Train
Well written, extremely helpful and awesome pictures. Only question is how did you covered the itinerary with a 8 day pass, i.e Day 2 to Day 9 or ??....read more
Switzerland Lakes
The area around Lake Lucerne is also famous for superb mountain sceneries, offering stunning views of the lake. One of the best excursions from Lucer...read more
Best Hikes In Switzerland
Lucerne is another must see for anyone in Switzerland, but that does not mean you have to stay in the city the whole time. There are plenty of hiki...read more
Planning The Perfect Trip To Switzerland
A visit to Switzerland wouldnt be complete without a stop in Lucerne. Its consistently one of the most visited cities in the country, and with reas...read more
25 Best Things To Do In Switzerland
Sunsets in Switzerland can be amazing however, you should do some research on where to watch the best sunset.My tips for an incredible sunset: Vitz...read more
Adventure Lucerne Switzerland Travel Journal Adventure Explore Activities Photography Ecotourism Environment Adventuretourism
It is possible to just cruise on the lake or take sometime to explore the villages of Wessig or Vissau, maybe even catch the cablecar to the top of t...read more
Hiking Switzerland
If you want to unload all your stress and you do not know how to, just climb the top of Mount Rigi, sit among the flowers in the field, and just look...read more
Quick Guide To Lucerne Switzerland What To Do Where To Eat Where To Sleep
Visit Mount Rigi for spectacular views This nearly 7,000 feet (2,128 meters) high mountain is just south of Lucerne, and the views from the top are...read more

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