Schaffhausen, Switzerland
Schaffhausen, Switzerland

Schaffhausen, Switzerland

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Schaffhausen is a town with historic roots, a municipality in northern Switzerland, and the capital of the canton of the same name; it has an estimated population of 36,000 as of December 2016. It is located right next to the shore of the High Rhine; it is one of four Swiss towns located on the northern side of the Rhine, along with Neuhausen a. Rhf., the historic Neunkirch, and Stein a. Rh.. The old portion of the town has many fine Renaissance era buildings decorated with exterior frescos and sculpture, as well as the old canton fortress, the Munot. Wikipedia
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Schaffhausen, Switzerland
H. Moser & Cie - Vary rare watches from Schaffhausen, Switzerland
Join Montredo as we take a tour of the H. Moser & Cie manufacture in ...
Schaffhausen, Switzerland
Rheinfall Schaffhausen Switzerland 4K 🇨🇭
Europe's largest waterfalls are in the Rhine River (Rhein) near the town Schaffhausen on the ...
Schaffhausen, Switzerland
Rhine Falls Switzerland- How to plan a day trip From Zurich | Travel Video
Schaffhausen, Switzerland
We got invited to Schaffhausen to stay in one of the most amazing places we ...
Schaffhausen, Switzerland
Schaffhausen Switzerland & The Rhine Falls - Europe's Largest Waterfall | 98+ Countries with 3 Kids!
Schaffhausen, Switzerland
Reinfall Schaffhausen Swiss
Charming Schaffhausen, a medieval city in northern Switzerland, is home to the largest waterfall in ...
Schaffhausen, Switzerland
Rhine Falls Schaffhausen - Switzerland || Half day boat ride||thrilling boat ride
Schaffhausen, Switzerland
Schaffhausen, a city of pure beauty
Enjoy a video tour of Schaffhausen, one of the most beautiful places from Switzerland. ...
Schaffhausen, Switzerland
First time nakapunta ni Fairy Princess sa bansang Switzerland......visited the Rhinefall, Schaffhausen, - biggest waterfall ...
Schaffhausen, Switzerland
Europe Trip: Switzerland - Places to visit in Schaffhausen
Switzerland Vlog Part 1 Day 1: Old Town & Munot Day 2: Rhine Fall & ...

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How to plan your 2 week Switzerland Train Itinerary?
As we didnt want to go to St. Gallen and return on the same route, we decided to check out St. Gallen and then continue our train trip along the more
Day Trips From Zurich
The Rhein Falls or The Rhine Falls is the largest waterfalls in Switzerland and in Europe. The waterfalls one of the popular landmarks in more
1 Month Switzerland Itinerary For Repeat Travellers
Remainder of day exploring the town must try Schaffhausen Zunge, a specialty cookie from more
Rhine Falls Switzerland
Only after boarding a train from Winterthur did we realize that our train had no stop at Schloss Laufen. Nevertheless, we continued our journey and more
Schaffhausen Switzerland
However like the rest of Switzerland, food, and accommodation are expensive. Fortunately, you can save money on sightseeing in Schaffhausen. Firstly more
Ask A Local What Should I Doseehike In Schaffhausen Switzerland
I grew up in a small town called Oberhallau, which is close to the German border but still part of Canton Schaffhausen. Its a farming town (sheep more
Travel Blog Schaffhausen Things To Do
Schaffhausen is small and doesnt take long to explore, so even if you only have one day in Schaffhausen, theres still time to do a side trip out more
How to Spend 7 Days in Switzerland - Arzo Travels
The astonishing waterfalls near the town of Schaffhausen know how to impress. Whether you get to the platform or take a boat ride, the waterfalls more
Gourmet Food And Wine And Iconic Views Along Switzerlands Dream Routes A Swiss Foodie Roadtrip
Best views: There are plenty of amazing views available on this route.  The picture-perfect medieval town of Stein am Rhein is worth a visit and for more
Best Places To Visit In Switzerland
The Rhine Falls also known as the Rhein Falls is the largest waterfalls and one of the popular landmarks in Switzerland. The waterfalls also the more
Public Transportation To The Rhine Waterfalls In Switzerland
Pleasure boats cruise on the lower basin of the waterfalls but Rhine River excursion boats arriving from Lake Constance stop in Schaffhausen. Buses more
Switzerland Budget Travel Tips
Switzerland is home to world renowned hikes for all endurance levels, so skip the pricey tours and connect with nature for free. With lakes and more
10 Day Trips From Zurich
Less than one hour from Zurich, Schaffhausen is a picturesque medieval town on the northeast corner of Switzerland, and one of the most beautiful more
Switzerland Itinerary 5 Days Switzerland In 5 Days
The Rhine Falls are the biggest waterfalls in Europe and they are, indeed, very impressive, especially after rainy days which means that even more more
Switzerland Travel Tips
We love exploring waterfalls wherever we go, so Switzerland is no exception. Located on the High Rhine on the border between Schaffhausen and Zürich, more
Switzerland Vacations Your Travel Guide
Rhine Falls, the largest waterfall in Europe, is the Swiss tourism natural wonder. Near the Schaffhausen town, which sits on the upper Rhine river, more
On the topic of groundbreaking Swiss attractions, theres one that truly takes the cake. The quiet rural town of Schaffhausen boasts Europes more
Switzerland Travel Tips
Pack a picnic lunch and look out at your view of Europes largest waterfall. If you hop on a boat tour you can get extra close to the giant rock in more
Some Of The Best Visiting Place In Switzerland
The Rhine Falls Europes largest waterfall is a ver witching natural wonder of swiss tourism at the northernmost part of Switzerland, made a town more
Our Pick Of The Top 10 Things To Do In Switzerland
At 23 metres high and 150 metres wide, the Rhine Falls in Switzerland are one of the largest and most powerful waterfalls in Europe.  The falls are more
Switzerland Road Trip
The Rhine Falls are not actually in Zurich but are a short train ride away to Schaffhausen. We think they are worth taking a bit of a detour, or more
You will hear it before you see it; Europes largest waterfall roars louder than a lion! The Rhine falls span a mighty 50 metres. This majestic more
Best Places To Visit In Switzerland 102301
As Europes most powerful waterfall, its easy to see why Rhine Falls is one of the top things to do in Switzerland. Visitors can take in the beauty more
Travel Blog 2 Weeks In Switzerland Itinerary
When I began my trip in Schaffhausen, my first impression of Switzerland was that it was a fairy tale country. By the end of my 2 weeks in more
50 Unique Things To Do In Switzerland
One of my favourite things to do in Switzerland was a morning spent cruising down the famous River Rhine. We hopped on board in the town of more
Gasthof Hirschen Quiet Repose Eglisau Switzerland
Eglisau is on the Rhine cycling route to Schaffhausen and the Bodensee, and an overnight hereor a meal at the Bistrowould be the perfect place to more
Celebrating Swiss National Day | Anita's Feast
The Rhine Falls near Schaffhausen is a year-round attraction that gets special treatment for National Day. Since the nineteenth century, the more
Switzerland Holidays 105407
Every year on 1 August, Switzerland celebrates one of the countrys most important holidays: the founding of the Swiss Confederation in 1291. Each more
Rheinfalls or Rhine Falls is the largest waterfall in Europe. Located near the town of Schaffhausen in northern Switzerland, it is 150 m (450 ft) more
15 Reasons Why You Must Visit Switzerland
Be stunned by the Rhine Falls near the town of Schaffhausen in Northern Switzerland. The largest plain waterfall in Europe, it is easily accessible more
Grand Tour Of Switzerland
Oh the joy I feel after just ten minutes, as I spot my first Grand Tour sign high up on the airport expressway pointing me off towards Winterthur more
Why Switzerland Is The Best Country
The Rhine Falls is Europes largest waterfall and a magnificent natural wonder which is situated near the town of Schaffhausen. Near the falls is more
Insiders Guide To Zurich Switzerland The Best Zurich Attractions Food Accommodation And Tips
Another beautiful and less famous place near Zurich is the little town of Schaffhausen near the Rhine Falls (you can combine a trip to these two more
10 Tips For An Unforgettable Road Trip In Switzerland Part 2
Merely a few kilometers from the Rhinefall is the adorable town of Schaffhausen. From the Munot Fortress in the Old Town we had a fascinating view more
6 Culinary Specialities You Should Try In Switzerland
The Great Aletsch Glacier, located in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Jungfrau-Aletsch, Swiss Alps. This is an unrivalled natural more
Best Places In Switzerland
Lying along the famous Rhine River by the German border, Schaffhausen is a wonderfully ignored Swiss town. The town is centred around the imposing more
Travel To Switzerland Things To Know
And, of course, as the home of watchmaking, Switzerland is also absolutely filled with watch museums and tours. Everything from the more famous more
2 Days In Zurich Switzerland The Best 2 Day Zurich Itinerary
Rhine Falls is considered the most powerful waterfall in Europe. It is located on the High Rhine close to the town Schaffhausen, about 40 minutes more
Festivals In Switzerland 106810
Swiss National Day is definitely an occasion to experience with the locals when living in Switzerland. Thousands of people attend festivities in the more
Travel The Grand Tour Of Switzerland With A Camper
The first section starts near Zurich and runs on the picturesque Lake Constance at the foot of the Alps on the border between Switzerland, Germany more
Rhine Falls Guide
Good middle-class hotel  Hotel2B in a historic building in the centre of Schaffhausen is a short walk from the train station. The rooms are all more