St. Gallen, Switzerland
St. Gallen, Switzerland

St. Gallen, Switzerland

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St. Gallen or traditionally St Gall, in German sometimes Sankt Gallen is a Swiss town and the capital of the canton of St. Gallen. It evolved from the hermitage of Saint Gall, founded in the 7th century. Today, it is a large urban agglomeration and represents the center of eastern Switzerland. Its economy consists mainly of the service sector. Wikipedia
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St. Gallen, SwitzerlandSt. Gallen, SwitzerlandSt. Gallen, SwitzerlandSt. Gallen, SwitzerlandSt. Gallen, SwitzerlandSt. Gallen, SwitzerlandSt. Gallen, SwitzerlandSt. Gallen, SwitzerlandSt. Gallen, Switzerland

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St. Gallen, Switzerland
4K Werdenberg St.Gallen SWITZERLAND アルプス山脈
Werdenberg is a town with historic city rights in the eastern Swiss canton of St. ...
St. Gallen, Switzerland
St. Gallen Sights
St. Gallen is a beautiful city in eastern Switzerland about a 40 minute train ride ...
St. Gallen, Switzerland
A Short Visit in St. Gallen Switzerland - BalzUP Ep80
The compact metropolis of eastern Switzerland between Lake Constance and Appenzellerland has a charming, traffic-free ...
St. Gallen, Switzerland
St Gallen Switzerland Tourism Converted
St. Gallen, Switzerland
Wir starten unseren Rundgang durch St. Gallen in der Goliathgasse und gehen dann über die ...
St. Gallen, Switzerland
Today on our Europe trip we are still in Switzerland hanging out with our friend ...
St. Gallen, Switzerland
St. Gallen, Switzerland
A Tour of St. Gallen Switzerland and the Abbey Library (one of the oldest in the world)
St. Gallen, Switzerland
Take a tour through St. Gallen | Euromaxx
We head to the Swiss town to see some of the finest Christmas decorations the ...
St. Gallen, Switzerland
Freeletics Crew Tour 2017 | St. Gallen, Switzerland
The Freeletics community is by far the strongest of all fitness-app communities. And it continues ...

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Pre Alpine Express Train Switzerland
The Voralpen Express is a scenic train ride in Switzerland. This 130 km (80 miles) train route runs from Lucerne (or Lucerne) in the heart of more
15 Reasons Why You Must Visit Switzerland
Quality chocolates that instantly melt in the mouth are my kind of favourite chocolates, and they make perfect souvenirs as well. Choose from a wide more
Rapperswil Switzerland
Rapperswil is a former municipality and since January 2007 part of the municipality of Rapperswil-Jona in the Wahlkreis of See-Gaster in the canton more
Thanksgiving days (Bettag) had been a tradition in Switzerland since the late medieval period and special days of thanksgiving had been decreed by more
Gourmet Food And Wine And Iconic Views Along Switzerlands Dream Routes A Swiss Foodie Roadtrip
Gourmet delights: Youll be spoilt for choice on this route. In St. Gallen sample the local specialty, the Olma Sausage which was invented in 1438 more
What To Eat Drink In Appenzell
The Schlorzifladen is a special sweet tart from Appenzell, as well as the canton of St. Gallen, that has two layers. Held together with a shortcrust more
Our Pick Of The Top 10 Things To Do In Switzerland
The Abbey Library of Saint Gall is a significant medieval monastic library in St. Gallen, Switzerland. This is not only one of the oldest more
Would you like some cheese with that wine?
So afterward I walked around a little bit before getting back on the train towards the larger town of St. Gallen. I, of course, wanted to stop here more
10 Exciting Locations In Switzerland To Spend Your Summer Holidays
Saint Gallen is a Swiss town and the capital of the canton of St. Gallen. It evolved from the hermitage of Saint Gall, founded in the 7th century. more
Grand Train Tour Switzerland
The start of your scenic rail journey takes you briefly into Germany before reaching the largest waterfalls in Europe, Rhine Falls in Neuhausen. more
Unesco World Heritage Sites Switzerland
This Roman Catholic religious complex is located in St. Gallen, Switzerland. It was inscribed into the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in more
2 Days In Zurich Itinerary
Swiss Federal Statistical Office states that there are 20 cities in Switzerland. Top 10 Swiss cities include Zürich, Geneva, Basel, Lausanne, Bern, more
Switzerland Travel Tips
The seventh largest city in Switzerland, St. Gallen boasts beautiful museums, colorful murals, and one-of-a-kind architecture. It doesnt receive as more
Christmas Markets In Switzerland
Nicknamed the Swiss Star City, the St. Gallen Christmas market is a must when exploring Christmas markets in Switzerland. The nickname comes from more
Assumption Day
In Switzerland, this is a regional holiday celebrated in Aargau, Appenzell Innerrhoden, Fribourg, Jura, Lucerne, Nidwalden, Obwalden, Schwyz, more
Planning A 2 Week Trip To Switzerland
Finally reaching the east side of Switzerland when we head to St. Gallen! There seems to be a whole world of things to do and see from St. Gallen ( more
How to plan your 2 week Switzerland Train Itinerary?
Instead of packing our bags again, we decided to stay near Lucerne and take one of Switzerlands scenic train journeys as a day trip. From Lucerne, more
Scenic Train Routes In Switzerland
The Voralpen Express is a commute between Lucerne and St. Gallen; when compared to the rest, this ride encompasses some of the most beautiful sites more
50 Unique Things To Do In Switzerland
Depending on how much time you have in Switzerland, one fun thing to do is to spend a day exploring old railway bridges. We did this while passing more
Switzerland Is A Dream Winter Destination
The northern part of the country features a well-rounded selection of ski resorts near Zurich and over by St. Gallen. Flumserberg, located less than more
Places To Visit In Switzerland
The parks, zoo, cathedrals, the Abbey of St Gall, the textile museum are just a few things to see in St Gallen. Of course, one of the best places to more
Grand Tour Of Switzerland
The huge expanse of Lake Constance dominates our view now as we drive along the lake shore before turning off towards St. Gallen and our first more
Things To Do In Switzerland In Winter
With the winter season additionally comes the Christmas season. Furthermore, that brings heaps of Glühwein (reflected on wine), treats and thoughts more
Things To Do In Switzerland In Winter
With the winter season also comes the Christmas season. And that brings loads of Glühwein (mulled wine), cookies and ideas for Christmas presents. more
Seeing Switzerland By Train Bus And Boat
Consisting of eight main sections, the epic route covers 795 miles (1,200 km) and can be started at any pointthere is no prescribed direction or more
Top 10 Places To Visit In Switzerland
One of more charming attraction is St Gallen metropolis. This place has got Baroque Cathedral which has also got Abbey Library which famous. This more
Hiking And Biking Trails Showcase Switzerlands Charming Countryside
An easy one-hour trek just 300 feet above the city of St. Gallen starts at the Notkersegg train stop near Notkersegg Monastery, a 17th-century more
Our 2 Week Itinerary Switzerland
It was pouring when we left Maestrani. We figured our day was done. Alas, when we got to St. Gallen, just 20 minutes or so on the train, the rain more

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