Embassy of the United States, Switzerland
Embassy of the United States, Switzerland

Embassy of the United States, Switzerland

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The Embassy of the United States of America in Tehran was the United States of America's diplomatic mission in the Imperial State of Iran. Direct bilateral diplomatic relations between the two governments were severed following the Iranian Revolution in 1979, and the subsequent seizure of the embassy in November 1979. Wikipedia
Last Updated: 10/18/2020
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This means you should be fine driving in Switzerland on a US license (or a licence from a country that uses the Roman alphabet Australia, UK, Canad...read more
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Packed with great insights I had no clue about Chaplins exile from the US or the fact that no family member was allowed to speak in French around ...read more
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Switzerlands most well known cheeses are probably Gruyere and Emmental, two hard cheeses from the French-speaking part of the country that youll al...read more
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Thats right, if you have a US credit card, or equivalent in another country, its possible you already have CDW (collision damage waiver) insurance ...read more
90008 Switzerland Chaplins World
Upon returning to the US, having been on holiday, Chaplin wasnt allowed back in the country.   He never did gain is US citizenship and with the McCa...read more
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For example, rösti in a bag is a very common shortcut. Rösti can be most likened to hash browns. It is a typical mountain food and is often topped wi...read more
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the same in US dollars. 😱 The Chapel Bridge, as its called in English,...read more
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Passport holders from the US and Canada can stay up to 90 days in Switzerland visa-free. From 2022, they are required to apply for eTIAS online ent...read more
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Despite the fact that every US citizen and Green Card holder is required to file a tax return with the IRS even when living abroad, many expatriates ...read more
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The word pretzel in English is actually derived from a local dialect of German spoken by the so-called Pennsylvania Dutch immigrants, who introdu...read more
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I agree, supermarket food in the US is way cheaper than in Switzerland and this is why Switzerland most probably stays in a higher position in the ex...read more
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The origin of any funds will be checked. US citizens may also be required to sign a document agreeing to notify the IRS of all transfers over a certa...read more
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Not as well-known as bungee jumping, rappelling or hang-gliding, especially here in the US, canyoning as you might guess, involves a canyon of some k...read more
Adventcalendars Switzerland
Growing up in Australia before I moved to Switzerland I only knew the type of Advent calendars which were filled with cheap chocolates. Living in Swi...read more
Switzerland Travel Guide
The US Embassy in Switzerland is notified by the US Department of State as soon as you register your trip if you are a US citizen of course. This wil...read more
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You only live once. Pay the credit card bill off when you get home and enjoy! (Okay, okay, if you really want some tips, note that one of the cheapes...read more
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My hotel reservation was at Hotel Alpina. It was a very simple, family run hotel, with magnificent views. I felt like I could almost touch the mounta...read more
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The peak of the most photogenic mountain in the Zermatt village of Switzerland is now getting illuminated with messages of inspiration every night. T...read more
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You know sparkling Italian wine as Prosecco, but theres a smaller wine region in the Dolomite mountains that you should be paying attention to: Tren...read more
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15 years in the making, Charlie Chaplin World is now open in his former residence over in Vevey. Chaplin moved to Switzerland after US immigration de...read more
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Author and Photographer Bios: Tom Koppel is a veteran Canadian journalist, author and travel writer whose latest book, Mystery Islands: Discovering t...read more
2 Days In Zurich Itinerary
Zürich is located in the north-central part of Switzerland and to arrive in the country, you will require a valid passport. Passport holders from the...read more
Winter Switzerland
The English flocked to Switzerland in winter, Swiss guides ventured into North America, and they started many of our ski hills in Canada in the US. A...read more
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Swanky Library Hotel, Zurich, Switzerland
Either smart luxury or splurge and at the time, I didnt care which. I only wanted to relax, get to my room, drop my luggage, chill for a while w...read more
Zermatt Switzerland Things To Do
Its surprising to see graves of men and women from all over the world, not only Switzerland. One of the headstones is that of a 17-year old American...read more
Hotel Review Swiss Night By Fassbind Zurich Switzerland
In addition to the bed there was a little table and couple of chairs in our room. Moreover there were international electricity plugs available for a...read more
A Guide To Studying In Switzerland
A maturité is obtained after 12 years of school, following the successful completion of a Gymnasium (high school). For students completing their scho...read more
Switzerland from Peak to Shore in 4 Days
Unless youre committed to not moving around, the Swiss Travel Pass is a must, because public transportation is amazingly efficient and expensive. Tr...read more
Open Offshore Bank Account Switzerland
A new trend of turning down Americans has come into effect in Switzerland as of 2016. If you are a resident in Europe, Canada or Australia, you will ...read more
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February 21, 2009 at 6:44 pm Ah, so you are heading back to our side of the pond again, eh? How fun! On our recent trip to the US in Oct. ...read more
Living In Switzerland
It will take a very long time to be invited to someones place, and many Swiss people have enough friends already. One reason is that they dont move...read more
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In many ways, Rioja has created an all-encompassing brand for itself. In the US wine market, Rioja has become a name synonymous with exceptional cr...read more
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ALDI, the cheap supermarket chain from Germany. In the meantime, the company has expanded to so many markets worldwide, even to the US. What I like a...read more
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Breakfast was often a yogurt that ruined all other yogurt for me.  I only wish we could get yogurt like this in the US!...read more
Traveling Switzerland
I can completely connect with this obsession. I have one of my own: France. It started long ago when I was a little girl after I learned about my Fre...read more
Bucket List Item Switzerland
Swiss gun laws are quite liberal. Despite that, in 2015 there were only 0.5 gun murders per 100,000 residents (around 40 per year). In comparison, in...read more
Switzerland Travel Guide - The Trusted Traveller
Switzerland is also well-connected by air with flights arriving in Zurich and other cities from all across Europe and the UK and parts of the US, Mid...read more
Travel to Switzerland
Visa Required: US citizens only need a valid US passport in order to travel to Switzerland for business or tourist purposes. All citizens from the Sc...read more
Novartis Switzerland Greece Usa Legal
According to The Local.ch, the Swiss pharmaceutical giant was investigated by US authorities in 2014, accused of paying bribes in order to boost sale...read more
Switzerland Holidays Verbier Worth Visit Dont Ski
You dont even need to drive to discover the lush, verdant joys of Switzerlands second largest nature reserve: the Haut Val de Bagnes. With eagles, ...read more
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California is well known for its wine, it's a long time example of Viticulture in the new world. Today the most popular grape planted in California i...read more
Skateboarding from Switzerland to Shanghai
So now jump forward almost two years, to early 2008. I was half-way through skateboarding across the US from east to west. Somewhere in Texas, I beli...read more
Matterhorn Glacier Paradise Zermatt Switzerland
We kept talking and come to find out, her son is US Olympic skier Troy Murphy. Hes the top male skier in the US and is set to compete in the 2018 Wi...read more
Runcation Zermatt
The best way to arrive is by train, therefore, as you cant drive up to Zermatt. When traveling from international destinations, the best airports to...read more