Zürich, Switzerland
Zürich, Switzerland

Zürich, Switzerland

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ETH Zurich is a public research university in the city of Zürich, Switzerland. Founded by the Swiss Federal Government in 1854 with the stated mission to educate engineers and scientists, the school focuses exclusively on science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Like its sister institution EPFL, it is part of the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology Domain , part of the Swiss Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research.In the 2021 edition of the QS World University Rankings ETH Zurich is ranked 6th in the world, and 2nd in Europe and 8th by the Times Higher Education World Rankings 2020. In the 2020 QS World University Rankings by subject it is ranked 4th in the world for engineering and technology and 1st for earth & marine science.As of November 2019, 21 Nobel laureates, 2 Fields Medalists, 2 Pritzker Prize winners, and 1 Turing Award winner have been affiliated with the Institute, including Albert Einstein. Wikipedia
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Zürich, SwitzerlandZürich, SwitzerlandZürich, SwitzerlandZürich, SwitzerlandZürich, SwitzerlandZürich, SwitzerlandZürich, SwitzerlandZürich, SwitzerlandZürich, Switzerland

Zürich Travel Videos

Zürich, Switzerland
Zurich, Switzerland
Hi guys! I would like to invite you to discover the city of Zurich in ...
Zürich, Switzerland
Zurich, Switzerland
Recorded August 12, 2011: Video of Switzerland's largest city. Watch my complete Switzerland video @ ...
Zürich, Switzerland
Zurich Travel Guide
Our Zurich Travel Guide is brought to you by SQUARESPACE: Visit http://www.squarespace.com/attache to save 10% ...
Zürich, Switzerland
Zurich, Switzerland part 2: Bahnhofstrasse, trams, museums, Zug
Continuing our in-depth look at Zürich, Switzerland focusing on the modern side of the city ...
Zürich, Switzerland
Zurich Neighborhood Tour - Living in Switzerland, Morning Swiss Coffee!
Subscribe▻ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxkF42nqXoZ0sZP-GqU-Cww T-shirts▻ https://migrationology.com/store/ Watch my full Swiss Food Tour of ... ...
Zürich, Switzerland
Exploring Zurich with Rs. 10,000 - All You Need To Know - Switzerland in Rs. 75,000 - Episode 2
Zürich, Switzerland
SWISS First Class from Zurich to New Delhi (Airbus A330): Swiss perfection!
Zürich, Switzerland
ZURICH, SWITZERLAND | TOP 6 Things To Do (free & cheap)
There's so much to do and see in Zurich! I love this city and I ...
Zürich, Switzerland
A Tour of Beautiful Zurich, Switzerland: The Perfect City?
Exploring the spectacular city of Zurich, largest city of Switzerland on Lake Zurich. PLANNING A ...
Zürich, Switzerland
A Trip to Zurich - English Travel Guide HD
visit http://www.killerwal.com please subscribe my channel: http://www.youtube.com/killerwalcom Hi, my name is Phil from the german ...

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Best Time To Visit Switzerland
Weather-wise, January isnt exactly Switzerlands most spectacular month. Daytime average temperatures are around 0°C, with a high of 5°C. Its the c...read more
24 hours in Zurich, Switzerland - Young Adventuress
Before spending any time in Zurich, I had the impression that it would feel sterile and boring, which was my main impression from visiting Geneva bac...read more
Day Trips From Zurich
The resort town of Interlaken is one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland couple of hours train ride from Zurich. The town is located at the i...read more
How to plan your 2 week Switzerland Train Itinerary?
Switzerland is not a big country and the public transport system works fast, efficient and is very reliable. Yet, 2 weeks was not enough to explore t...read more
3476 Switzerland Keeping It Classy Since 1848
And as my group of fellow journalists and I made our way through Zurich, Bern and Basel, we were well fed and peaceful. It was a whirlwind tour of a ...read more
Top 14 Places to Visit in Switzerland
Zurich is Switzerlands largest city and is located on the river Limmat. Zurich is a bankers centre, but Zurich is also a culturally rich city, with...read more
2014 Digital In Switzerland At Its Best
The Swiss-german part has the strongest internet Penetration of 88%, followed by Suisse-Romande with 77% and just behind the Italian part of Switzer...read more
Switzerland On A Budget Things To Do Switzerland
Lucerne, Bern and Zurich are among the coolest, and most budget friendly, places to visit in Switzerland. If you fear the hefty prices for museums, a...read more
Best Cablecar Rides Switzerland
Wildkirchli in Appenzell is one of the popular day trips from Zurich. It is known for the ancient caves and the Aescher restaurant that clings to the...read more
Rhine Falls Switzerland
The closest station to these splendid falls is Schloss Laufen which is around 20 minutes from Winterthur. Schloss Laufen is little more than 2 hrs fr...read more
Ask A Local What Should I Doseeeat In Zurich Switzerland
We both grew up in the countryside not far from Zürich, moved into town to study, and stayed for work. These days, one of us works as a journalist, t...read more
Our 2 Week Itinerary Switzerland
We originally planned to get into to Zurich around 2pm, but our flight was happily switched to a direct flight that got us in by 10am. We hopped on ...read more
Switzerland Vacations Your Travel Guide
When you fly to Switzerland, you probably are entering through Zurich. Explore the twin-towered cathedral, old town, and also enjoy walking along the...read more
Where To Stay In Switzerland
If youre looking to experience quintessential Switzerland then stay in Zurich. There are loads of things to do in Zurich winding city streets, charm...read more
The Federal Fast is a high holiday with a similar stature to Good Friday, Easter Sunday or Christmas. Up to the year 2000, for example, in Zurich, sh...read more
Where To Stay In Switzerland
AccommodationRatingsRate/nightZurich  The Dolder Grand Hotel 9.3- Superb$672Motel One Zurich 8.8- Fabulous$140Zurich Youth Hostel 8.5- Very Good$80Be...read more
How To Spend 48 Hours In Zurich
There are so many things to do in Zurich, Switzerland but its still a small enough city that you can easily fit the highlights into 48 hours. Start ...read more
How To Buy The Best Jungfraujoch Tickets For Your Visit To The Top Of Europe
PriceWhere to buyRegular ticket ex InterlakenCHF 234.80BUY HERERegular ticket ex LauterbrunnenCHF 163.60BUY HERERegular ticket ex GrindelwaldCHF 164....read more
Where To Stay In Switzerland Best Areas And Best Hotels
Zurich is a perfect base. It is big enough that you will not get bored, with nightlife, loads of restaurants and cafes, and plenty of activities and ...read more
3 Days in Switzerland Itinerary - Arzo Travels
Okay, this first Switzerland 3-day itinerary is great if you want to stay in and near Zurich....read more
Where To Stay In Zurich
As mentioned a bit earlier, Zurich has some amazing hotels, which are pure luxury. These are only a few, and most of them are located in the city cen...read more
Top Panoramic Views In Switzerland
window.regModule("module_imageSubtitle", {"data":{"imageExists":true,"hyperlink":"\/app\/sadf70c89a69adebf\/pe1abb755aace557a\/","hyperlink_targe...read more
Bad Ragaz - a luxury spa in Switzerland
To help you get to know Bad Ragaz better, here are six fun and quirky  facts about one of Switzerlands top spas. (This isnt a fun fact, but just so...read more
Best Switzerland Cities Bucket List
The largest Swiss city of Zurich is another popular Swiss city to add to your bucket list. The old town of Zurich is the most picturesque location st...read more
Take A Cogwheel Train To The Swiss Alps Jungfraujoch Switzerland
The meeting spot was at a Zurich bus stop, next to the main train station and across the street from Starbucks....read more
Christmas Markets In Switzerland
From November 21st to December 23rd, you have the opportunity to explore what is the oldest Christmas market in the city of Zurich. Zurich is the lar...read more
Things To Do In Lucerne
Lucerne is an easily accessible city from many of the main hubs in Switzerland. During our recent visit, we were based in Zurich and Lucerne could be...read more
Best Switzerland Itinerary 7 Days
For the purposes of this 7 days in Switzerland Itinerary, we will use Zurich as the starting point. Zurich and Geneva are the two popular cities for ...read more
Most Beautiful Cities In Switzerland
Switzerland as a country is not very big. You can easily keep a major city in Switzerland as a base and take day trips to explore more of the country...read more
3 things to do with kids when you are passing by Martigny, Switzerland – Family Earth Trek
2 years ago ReplyPassing through Martigny is really wonderful and beautiful due to lovely waterfalls and open-air activities for all ...read more
10 Of The Best Things To Do In Switzerland In The Summer
Cynthia31 January, 2018This looks Great and Im lost. Can you give a bit of direction? We will be doing a Rhine River cruiseending in Basel. Unsure ...read more
The Ultimate Guide To Skiing In Murren Switzerland
          After flying into a snowy Zurich airport, I travelled with my aunt by train to Mürren. Its nearly a 4-hour journey with changes in Zurich,...read more
Travel To Switzerland Things To Know
Perhaps because of their wealth, but also their neutrality during World War II, Switzerland has a serious amount of historic buildings in great shape...read more
Charmey Ultimate Mountain Swiss Alps
The two main international airports in Switzerland are located in Zurich and Geneva. Charmey is just a two-hour train ride from Geneva, making it eas...read more
Local Ski Resorts Zurich
If youre looking for a real local experience, these are the places to go. The mountains on this list are the closest to the city and are frequented ...read more
Things To Do In Interlaken
We were based out of Geneva and Geneva to Interlaken train is close to 3 hours journey which is not practical for day trips. The Swiss capital Bern i...read more
What To Do In Lucerne Switzerland
Another architecture jewel by the river, the baroque Jesuit Church is a Catholic Church built in the 17th century. It was built by the city and the O...read more
Ask A Local What Should I Doseeeat In Interlaken Switzerland
I wish you much luck with the audience you hope to please, though.replygigigriffisMay 9, 2015 - 2:09 amHi Mel,Im sorry youre disappointed. Have you...read more
The Ultimate Guide To Rhine Falls Switzerland One Hour Tour From Zurich
The Rhine Falls can be reached by train and by car. The easiest way to reach the Rhine Falls is taking a train to either the station called Neuhause...read more
Grand Tour Of Switzerland
Zurich is undeniably hot and sunny as I drive out of the airport at the start of my 1,600 kilometre Grand Tour of Switzerland.  The Europcar agents ...read more
Visiting Switzerland: What to do in Zurich
Zurich is Switzerlands largest city (but NOT the capital thats Berne) and yet it feels totally manageable. It has a population of about  400,000 ...read more
Celebrating Swiss National Day | Anita's Feast
Except for the ceremonies at the Rütli , Swiss National Day is a local affair, celebrated in various ways. Bonfires on 1 August commemorate the fourt...read more
Packing List Switzerland Summer
For reference, I spent 16 days in Switzerland in the month of August and visited Geneva, Zürich, Lucerne, Zermatt and Montreux/Vevey. For the most pa...read more
45 Things To Do In Zurich Switzerland Plan The Perfect Itinerary
Zurich Switzerland is the gateway to the Alps. You will find a turquoise lake with an Alpine background, 100+ art galleries, shutter adorn Altstadt, ...read more
Switzerland By Rail
Regardless of how long you spend in the country or what sorts of experiences you want to have, every Switzerland itinerary starts in one of its two l...read more
Backpacking Switzerland Budget
Accommodation for backpacking in Switzerland: There are hostels in almost all towns in Switzerland although some smaller towns, didnt have any hoste...read more
Tasty Chocolate Experiences To Enjoy In Switzerland
Opening in Autumn 2020, Switzerlands newest chocolate museum, the Lindt Home of Chocolate at Kilchberg just ouside Zurich, will cover an area of 500...read more
Top 10 Thermal Spas In Switzerland
Once a brewery, the Thermalbad and Spa in Zurich offers a number of ways to indulge, including a spa bath, a massaging pool, whirlpools, bubble seats...read more
Planning Your Trip To Zurich Switzerland
Actually, its difficult to imagine how anyone can see Zurich as being ugly. Whether you feed swans on the banks of Lake Zurich (Zurichsee), drink wi...read more
Switzerland Itinerary 5 Days Switzerland In 5 Days
Of course, this itinerary is not set in stone, it depends on whether you arrive in Zurich or begin your trip somewhere else in Switzerland. So, you c...read more
Best Cities To Visit In Switzerland Switzerland Top Cities To Visit
Zurich is the biggest city in Switzerland. You get even separate tourism packages just to explore this city in Switzerland. The tour is incomplete if...read more
Things To Do In Switzerland With Kids
Its basic, kids love dinosaurs. During a time of cell phones and applications, let your children set their eyes on the genuine article at one of Swi...read more
Guide To Honeymoon Places In Switzerland
The pleasant paths, picturesque waterfront promenades, and snow-topped mountains out of sight make Zurich one of the top honeymoon places in Switzerl...read more
One Day In Zurich
Zurich is one of Switzerlands best known cities and is a major centre for business. It boasts a medieval Old Town that spans both sides of the river...read more
Most Beautiful Villages In Switzerland
Appenzell is a charming historic village located at the foot of the Alpstein mountains. The major draw for the tourists to the village of Appenzell i...read more
Switzerland On A Budget
If youre planning on spending time travelling between the major Swiss cities like Zurich, Geneva and Bern along with visiting some of the best natur...read more
Places To Visit In Switzerland
One of the most popular cities of Switzerland, Zurich is the hub of, well, everything. You can shop at some of the most popular stores on Bahnhofstra...read more
Day Five Day Trip To Lavaux Vaud Region
View this post on Instagram#Travel to #Lavaux a #unescoworldheritagesite for its step #vineyard is around 2.5hrs from #Zurich and is known for its #...read more
Best Diy Switzerland Budget Itinerary
Flight to Zurich (ind) & Travel to our Kandersteg Airbnb via Eurail Train (ind). How can you travel to Switzerland and not try out the iconic trains?...read more
Unknown Ski Resorts In Switzerland Where To Ski In Switzerland
Flumserberg is the home ski mountain for all those living in Zurich. In fact, if you ask most Zurichers where they ski, the majority of them will spe...read more
Insiders Guide To Zurich Switzerland The Best Zurich Attractions Food Accommodation And Tips
Zurich is in the temperate climate zone which means that there are 4 distinct seasons. In terms of temperatures, during the summer you can expect tem...read more
Interlaken Jungfrau Region
Interlaken is perfectly located in central Switzerland, just one hour by train from Bern and Lucerne, two hours from Zurich and Basel, and three hour...read more
5 Winter Hotspots in Switzerland | Dame Traveler
Although much of the Zurichs ancient Old Town has been lovingly preserved to resonate with pre-medieval history, the city embraces the contemporary ...read more
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It, of course, makes sense to start your journey in Zurich. The city offers the best of not just both, but all worlds. A charming old town meets a co...read more
2 Days In Lucerne Itinerary
Lucerne is in the heart of the country, the gateway to central Switzerland. The train is the best way to travel around Switzerland and to Lucerne whe...read more
Day Trips From Zurich
Only got 2 days in Switzerland, this itinerary gives you the best of Zurich and Lucerne....read more
A Vegetarian Dinner in Zurich, Switzerland
We were in Switzerland for more than three weeks on a project that we were working on and were staying in Uster, about 20 Kilometers. from Zurich. As...read more
Best Museums In Switzerland
The best collection of Switzerlands way of life throughout its whole history is found at the Swiss National Museum. The permanent exhibition is foun...read more
Switzerland Itinerary With Swiss Travel Pass By Train
Zurich was our jumping-off point to the pretty Ski town of St. Moritz. We visited the old town of Zurich on our very first day. Unfortunately, the mo...read more
The Best Time to Travel to Switzerland • The Blonde Abroad
Summer also means the festival season for Switzerland! Switzerlands biggest open-air music festival, Paleo in Nyon, and the world-famous Montreux Ja...read more
Hotel Greulich Zurich Switzerland
Hotel Greulich is an intimate yet contemporary hotel, with a strong emphasis on art and design. The minimal style is carried out through the entire p...read more
Two Days In Zurich Switzerland
If youre arriving in Zurich via airplane, dont bother with an expensive taxi fare. Instead, hop aboard the airports train to Downtown Zurich (a on...read more
Things To Do In Zurich Switzerland
Switzerland is famed the world over for production of exquisite intricate clocks and watches. However, today many of the less expensive watches are n...read more
Zurich is one of the most high-priced cities in the world. So Ive recommended the two best hostels in Zurich. I guarantee it will leave you some mon...read more
Best Towns And Cities In Switzerland
The largest city in Switzerland is Zurich, a bustling metropolis with a charming old town (known in German as the Altstadt). However, dont let the h...read more
25 Best Things To Do In Switzerland
The first time I traveled from Zurich to Lugano 8-9 years ago, I was awestruck. The scenery is one of a kind, and ever since then, train travel has b...read more
A Connoisseurs Tour Of Zurich
It may not be loud, hedonistic, flashy or overtly eclectic, but Zurich offers visitors a marriage of old and new, subtle and showy, natural and man-m...read more
Zurich Art Design
As Switzerlands largest city and a major global banking and finance hub, Zurich is often mistaken as the capital of Switzerland. But while Zurich ma...read more
1030 Switzerland Hiking In The Land Of Sky
I started my day in Orsieres, a village that serves as a perfect base camp for trips through the Pays du Saint-Bernard. Trains from Zurich got me her...read more
10 Tips Road Trip Switzerland
The financial heart of Switzerland and a gateway to the Swiss Alps. Zurich has a beautiful ancient heart, and is great for shopping. On hot summer da...read more
A Summer Trip To Switzerland
In case you are planning a trip in summer, this is our itinerary for 6 days starting and ending at Zurich and using the Swiss Railway as mode of tran...read more
2 Weeks in Switzerland Travel Guide
After flying into Zurich, Lucerne was the first stop on my 2 weeks in Switzerland.  Its a Charming historical City and Central Switzerland on the ed...read more
How To Have The Best Family Vacation In Switzerland
When it comes to Switzerlands great cities, theres always a bit of debate on which one to visit: Zurich or Geneva? While Zurich is exciting and off...read more
Things To Do In Switzerland
There are plenty of ice skating rinks throughout Switzerland, both in cities and at ski resorts. But perhaps the most magical experience would be in ...read more
Beautiful Spaces Where I Stayed In Zurich Switzerland
CarolMay 28, 2015 - 7:42 amWhat an amazing place! No wonder you love it.replygigigriffisMay 30, 2015 - 12:02 amRight? Its amazing.replyMarthaMay 28...read more
One Day In Bern Switzerland
Bern is located just west of the centre of the country in Switzerlands Mittelland.  It is within easy reach of other major Swiss cities, 150 kilomet...read more
Hotel International Au Lac
Swiss Air fly to Zurich from a number of UK Airports...read more
Lucerne Things To See And Do
Only an hour or so from both the Swiss capital, Bern, and Zurich, it is easy to do a Lucerne day trip if you only have limited time, but the city als...read more
Where to Stay in Switzerland: Lodging Tips
For 170 years, Baur au Lac in Zurich has welcomed guests to its five-star setting on the lake. This is where Alfred Nobel received the idea of awardi...read more
Tipping Switzerland Switzerland Tipping Guide
Witness breathtaking snowy mountain landscapes on this day trip from Zurich to Mount Titlis. First, your guide points out some top Lucerne attraction...read more
Getting Around Switzerland: Transportation Tips
Swiss is the national airline, a part of the Lufthansa and Star Alliance group. Zurich is the main hub with regional airports in Geneva and Basel. It...read more
Swiss Travel Pass Perks
Want to visit Geneva from Zurich? Head south to Lugano? Journey to the heart of the Swiss Alps in Interlaken, Grindelwald, and Lauterbrunnen? The Swi...read more
Radisson Blu Zurich Airport
The Radisson Blu Zurich really couldnt be more perfectly situated. It is connected to the airport, so you never have to go outside. There are plenty...read more
Beautiful Places In Switzerland
Zurichs own mountain is the best spot for incredible views of the city. On a clear day, you see all of Zurich, its lake, and Alpine peaks in the bac...read more
Zurich Switzerland
By flight: Zurich has a large international airport, very well connected to most places in the world. The airport is just 10 minutes away from the c...read more
10 Simple Ways to Travel Switzerland on a Budget
If youre going to Zurich, Bern, Geneva, Neuchâtel, Zug or the Canton of Valais, youre in for a treat. Those places offer free bikes....read more
Swiss Dating 106713
For instance, it is typically easier for expats to meet locals and other foreigners in larger cities such as Zurich and Genever where English is more...read more
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Top 50 Switzerland Attractions

1ZürichRecommended by 467 travel bloggersZürich, Switzerland
2AlpsRecommended by 375 travel bloggersAlps, Switzerland
3GenevaRecommended by 290 travel bloggersGeneva, Switzerland
4LucerneRecommended by 259 travel bloggersLucerne, Switzerland
5BaselRecommended by 172 travel bloggersBasel, Switzerland
6Lake GenevaRecommended by 171 travel bloggersLake Geneva, Switzerland
7MatterhornRecommended by 128 travel bloggersMatterhorn, Switzerland
8LausanneRecommended by 120 travel bloggersLausanne, Switzerland
9Lake LucerneRecommended by 119 travel bloggersLake Lucerne, Switzerland
10InterlakenRecommended by 112 travel bloggersInterlaken, Switzerland
11LauterbrunnenRecommended by 111 travel bloggersLauterbrunnen, Switzerland
12ZytgloggeRecommended by 96 travel bloggersZytglogge, Switzerland
13Saint MoritzRecommended by 85 travel bloggersSaint Moritz, Switzerland
14ValaisRecommended by 84 travel bloggersValais, Switzerland
15JungfrauRecommended by 84 travel bloggersJungfrau, Switzerland
16LuganoRecommended by 82 travel bloggersLugano, Switzerland
17City wall MurtenRecommended by 79 travel bloggersCity wall Murten, Switzerland
18MontreuxRecommended by 76 travel bloggersMontreux, Switzerland
19Chapel BridgeRecommended by 75 travel bloggersChapel Bridge, Switzerland
20KanderRecommended by 72 travel bloggersKander, Switzerland
21Piz GloriaRecommended by 65 travel bloggersPiz Gloria, Switzerland
22GrindelwaldRecommended by 64 travel bloggersGrindelwald, Switzerland
23JuraRecommended by 55 travel bloggersJura, Switzerland
24Lake BrienzRecommended by 54 travel bloggersLake Brienz, Switzerland
25ZermattRecommended by 53 travel bloggersZermatt, Switzerland
26BesenstielRecommended by 52 travel bloggersBesenstiel, Switzerland
27ChurRecommended by 46 travel bloggersChur, Switzerland
28Lake ThunRecommended by 46 travel bloggersLake Thun, Switzerland
29Embassy of the United StatesRecommended by 46 travel bloggersEmbassy of the United States, Switzerland
30British Embassy BerneRecommended by 43 travel bloggersBritish Embassy Berne, Switzerland
31Chillon CastleRecommended by 42 travel bloggersChillon Castle, Switzerland
32Swiss AlpsRecommended by 41 travel bloggersSwiss Alps, Switzerland
33Mount PilatusRecommended by 38 travel bloggersMount Pilatus, Switzerland
34EngelbergRecommended by 38 travel bloggersEngelberg, Switzerland
35Lake MaggioreRecommended by 38 travel bloggersLake Maggiore, Switzerland
36SchaffhausenRecommended by 38 travel bloggersSchaffhausen, Switzerland
37RigiRecommended by 37 travel bloggersRigi, Switzerland
38ReussRecommended by 36 travel bloggersReuss, Switzerland
39Golden Pass RailwayRecommended by 34 travel bloggersGolden Pass Railway, Switzerland
40St. GallenRecommended by 32 travel bloggersSt. Gallen, Switzerland
41VeveyRecommended by 32 travel bloggersVevey, Switzerland
42Restaurant MILANRecommended by 32 travel bloggersRestaurant MILAN, Switzerland
43Michelin Suisse S.a.Recommended by 32 travel bloggersMichelin Suisse S.a., Switzerland
44KanderstegRecommended by 32 travel bloggersKandersteg, Switzerland
45LimmatRecommended by 31 travel bloggersLimmat, Switzerland
46FribourgRecommended by 30 travel bloggersFribourg, Switzerland
47Bernese HighlandsRecommended by 30 travel bloggersBernese Highlands, Switzerland
48AareRecommended by 30 travel bloggersAare, Switzerland
49ThunRecommended by 30 travel bloggersThun, Switzerland
50Jungfraujoch Ice PalaceRecommended by 29 travel bloggersJungfraujoch Ice Palace, Switzerland