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The Takayama Jin'ya is a surviving Edo period jin'ya which served as the government headquarters for Hida Province under the Tokugawa shogunate of Japan from 1692 to 1871. It is located in what is now Hachiken-machi of the city of Takayama in Gifu Prefecture. It has been protected as a National Historic Site since 1929. Wikipedia


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1-Day Rural E-Bike Tour in Hida

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Takayama Jinya, Takayama

This is a guided e-bike tour with lunch at the rural valley village and historical town in Hida. Just a short hop from Takayama, but only a few tourists know the areas. That is why it must be off the beaten path experience for you! Your friendly and knowledgeable English-speaking guide will take you to picturesque spots and offer you some local stories about history, culture and lifestyle. Seeing the tranquil views and tasting the special meal with local ingredients, you can fully enjoy the authentic rural Japan!

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Sake Brewery Visit and Tasting Tour in Hida

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Takayama Jinya, Takayama

This is a sake brewery tour including sake tasting, held at Tenryo Sake Brewery near from Takayama. The sake expert will explain about how to make sake step by step inside the actual house they are brewing sake. Understanding the sake brewing process, you will taste various excellent sake to enjoy the difference of flavors, and you can know a lot of useful tips to drink and order sake. The premium option is available for those who want the more genuine and luxurious experience. In addition to 5 or more kinds of sake provided in the standard tour, you can taste the super premium sake and small appetizers in the cozy Japanese room. If you love to drink sake, please do not miss it!

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Takayama Old Town Walking Tour with Local Guide

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Takayama Jinya, Takayama

You can experience History and culture of Takayama. This is walking tour around oldtownship in Takayama city. local guide could satisfy you !!! If you need other language guide, please let us know. If you wanted to private tour let us know. Not less than 2 person.

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Takayama's only Japanese drum and live performance show of traditional arts

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Takayama Jinya, Takayama

・ We will perform the stage without lines using traditional performing arts ・ You can actually experience it as well as watching! ・ You are addicted to facilities and skills that are particular to Japanese performing arts. ◇ Dream and Soul Stage I want to learn <traditional art skills>. I want to learn. I want to protect the local culture. I want to leave. We [Deko-no-za] continue our activities with such a passion. I want to show the results of my activities to many people. want to show. I want to see! I want to stand on the stage and take a sip! ! [Deko-no-za] is a stage filled with our dreams. We will show you <Japanese traditional performing arts in Hida> that you don't know. There are no words. What exists is the sound and sound of the soul ~ I will try my best to give this feeling to everyone who came. ▽ ▲ ▽ ▲ ▽ ▲ ▽ ▲ ▽ ▲ ▽ ▲ ▽ ▲ ▽ ▲ ▽ ▲ ▽ ▲ ▽ ▲ ▽ ▲ ▽ ▲ ▽ ▲ ▽ ▲ ▽ ▲ ▽ ▲ ▽ -Details of the experience- \ Not only appreciating traditional performing arts! You can actually experience Japanese dance / ◇ Story ◇ "Double-sided accommodation" A double-sided shrine is a demon with a face on both sides that has been handed down to Hida Takayama since ancient times. Both sides of one head, 4 powerful arms, 5m body length ... Contrary to its terrible appearance, it is said that it was a heroic person who helps the weak. Based on the legend, we arranged one side as a “hero” into a large stream. The legend of heroes and double-sided camps, including emotions, will be expressed in traditional Japanese performing arts. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ In addition to seeing folk songs, You can experience Japanese dance using “Folding Fans”! Please feel the joy of touching traditional performing arts and the wonderfulness of expressing them with your skin -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ ! This is the point! A venue designed by [Deko-za-za] with great care The stage is from the audience to the eyes and nose! In addition, the design of the building does not miss sound, so you can feel the power and vibration of the drums directly on your skin! We will bring you into the world created by [Decorate Seat], such as on-site presence and taiko drum impulses.

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Half Day Rural E-Bike Tour in Hida

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Takayama Jinya, Takayama

This is a guided e-bike tour at the rural valley village in Hida. Just a short train trip from Takayama, you can explore the non-touristy part of Japan. In the village, there are a lot of untouched beauty of nature in the Japan's countryside. Your friendly and knowledgeable English-speaking guide will take you to picturesque spots and offer you some local stories about life in the small mountainous village. If you want to relieve yourself from hustle-bustle cities, you should not miss this opportunity!

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