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The Apalachee are a Native American people who historically lived in the Florida Panhandle. They lived between the Aucilla River and Ochlockonee River, at the head of Apalachee Bay, an area known to Europeans as the Apalachee Province. They spoke a Muskogean language called Apalachee, which is now extinct. The Apalachee occupied the site of Velda Mound starting about 1450 CE, but had mostly abandoned it when Spanish started settlements in the 17th century. Wikipedia


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Tallahassee (Florida) ᐈ Things to do | Best Places to Visit | Top Tourist Attractions ☑️

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September 12, 2021

Best Things to Do in Tallahassee, Florida

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November 15, 2021

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA - The TOP 10 Places you NEED to see

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May 7, 2021

Free Things To Do In Tallahassee FL|| State Capital|| Activates To Do

Hey everyone, I just wanted to share with you some free activities or events that you can go to/do when you visit Tallahassee FL or ...

May 30, 2019

Tallahassee FL Travel Guide

Find out things to do and everything you need to know about visiting Tallahassee, FL. See Florida State University Campus, ...

December 26, 2021


If you're thinking of heading to the Southeast, a trip to Florida's capital is a must. With tons of history and a variety of exciting ...

September 22, 2021

Tallahassee Florida Travel Guide

In this Tallahassee Florida travel guide we explore the downtown and midtown area. Tallahassee is the Capitol of Florida located ...

October 12, 2021

29 Best Things to Do in Tallahassee, FL

The city of Tallahassee in Florida is a destination that should be on your vacay list. Try out a myriad of activities from outdoor to ...

March 16, 2021

15 Fun Things to Do in Tallahassee with Kids

Tallahassee is a treasure cove for families to explore as you go about your day visiting plenty of places. From museums to wildlife.

March 20, 2021

Travel Vlog: Awesome Things to do in Tallahassee, Florida

Travel Vlog: Things to do in Tallahassee, FL Full List Here: In this video I'll show you a few fun ...

October 28, 2017

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