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Daikyō-ji , popularly known as Shibamata Taishakuten , is a Nichiren-shū Buddhist temple in Katsushika, Tokyo, Japan. Founded in 1629, the main image is of Taishakuten. In 1996 the Ministry of the Environment designated the temple and its ferryboat as one of the 100 Soundscapes of Japan. In 2009 the temple and its ferryboat were selected as one of the 100 Landscapes of Japan . Wikipedia


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Private Tour - One of the most Popular Towns, Japanese Hollywood Shibamata

Shibamata, Tokyo

Enjoy a tour of the sets and locations from the famous Japanese movie Have you ever heard the name "Shibamata"? It is one of the most popular historic districts. "Shibamata" still remains old Japanese landscapes and often used as the stage of Japanese movies. The movie "It's Tough Being a Man," loved by all ages, was filmed in Shibamata, where you can still enjoy the townscape of the Showa period (about 50 years ago). This tour will make you feel as if you have wandered into the world of Japanese cinema. In Shibamata you can also try amazing Japanese tea "Maccha", which nominated as one of the greatest Japanese tea, and ride the only watashibune left in Tokyo; a rowboat that has been carrying people across the Edo River for hundreds of years.

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Temple of Wood Carvings & Yamamoto-tei, Japanese architecture in Shibamata

Shibamata, Tokyo

Shibamata is nostalgic town loved by the locals as famous movie actor, Tora-san lived there.The approaching path lined with sweet dango dumpling, rice cracker shops leads to Taishakuten temple nick named "temple of wood carving".There are numerous wood carvings depicting scene from Buddhist scripture and must attract you by their intricacy.Suikei-en Japanese garden of the compound encircled with wooden corridor shows you beautiful changing scenery of the garden.Yamamoto-tei, a former merchant's residence features Japanese-Western style, creating a harmony of a Japanese drawing room, western architecture and Japanese garden. Ranked 4th by American magazine Sukiya Living,the Journal of Japanese Gardening in 2019 Yamamoto tei will give you rich and relaxing time while sitting on cool tatami mat viewing tranquil Japanese garden.Matcha tea & sweets are available for 500-600 yen.

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Traditional Tokyo - 1 Day customizable Private Tour

Shibamata, Tokyo

Set off towards the Tokyo area after being picked up at your hotel.Make the first stop at Ameyoko street, a shopping street with a particular atmosphere due to its shops located under the train tracks. Continue on from Ameyoko street and proceed to the Asakusa area. Take your time to have a look around the Japanese traditional shrine and temple. After this, head to the temple streets / old town with Romanticism in Shibamata. Enjoy the world of the movie titles "Men Are Tough". After arriving at a sightseeing spot, you will be exploring the place on your own. The driver will be giving simple instructions such as departure time and other practical information. If you wish to have an English-speaking guide accompanying you throughout the whole day, please select the 'Tour Guide' option when making a booking.

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