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Hikimi Wasabi is a variety of wasabi cultivated in Hikimi Town , Shimane Prefecture, Japan. Wasabi cultivation in Hikimi began in 1818 and by the early Shōwa era reached an annual production of 300 metric tons . Of the wasabi from Shimane, 90% came from the town of Hikimi At the time, Shimane Prefecture was one of the top producers of wasabi in Japan. The two top areas of wasabi production were Shizuoka Prefecture in the East and Shimane Prefecture in the West. Wikipedia


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Wasabi Farm Discovery - Private Tour

Wasabi, Tokyo

Have ever seen real Wasabi? Discover the Japan’s largest Wasabi Farm! Like a little spice? The Wasabi farm is a popular tourist friendly destination and is comprised of many large fields with a meticulously maintained network of small streams that constantly provides each wasabi plant with pure clean water. Wasabi is an essential element in Japanese cooking, but a lot of people, even many Japanese, are not aware of where it comes from. Take a stroll through the Wasabi fields and discover all the secrets of the Wasabi! We recommend you try some of the many different Wasabi-flavored products during your visit, such as Wasabi ice cream, Wasabi beer, Wasabi sausages or even a Wasabi burger! Our tour is the easiest way to visit the Wasabi farm! Tour available in English and French/

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Handmade Soba Making, Sake & Wasabi Lunch

Wasabi, Tokyo

An immersive experience within a local cuisine! Buckwheat has long been grown in Matsumoto, lending to its well-established tradition of Soba noodle making. But that's not all! A tasting of the variety of local Sakes and the discovery of fresh authentic Wasabi of the region awaits you! - Learn a traditional Japanese culinary art from a master While Soba is a simple dish by itself, making the noodles from scratch is a challenge that combines culinary art with precision knife handling and a dash of Japanese discipline. - Taste some of the best local sake with a sommelier Sake is one of Japan’s most famous spirits and is made mainly from water and rice. Consequently, the best quality sake requires an exceptional environment such as the one found in Matsumoto. - Discover all the secrets of real Wasabi The real taste of Wasabi is not what you find in plastic tubes. Yes, the flavor of real Wasabi is just as spicy, but much fresher and more nuanced than the store-bought kind!

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