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The Cheltenham Badlands are located in Caledon, Ontario on the south east side of Olde Base Line Road, between Creditview and Chinguacousy Roads. The site occupies an area of approximately 0.4 square kilometers and features exposed and highly eroded Queenston Shale. The Cheltenham Badlands are a significant educational site due to the readily visible geologic processes and the red color and the unique topography of the exposed shale makes this a popular tourist site. The site is a Provincial Earth Sciences Area of Natural and Scientific Interest since it is considered as one of the best examples of "badlands topography" in Ontario. Wikipedia


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Dinosaur World 1 Day: Drumheller-Badland-Hoodoo-Mine National Historic

Cheltenham Badlands, Toronto

Alberta and its neighbors are known as the "Three Prairie Provinces". Along the provincial highway #2, the Queen Elizabeth Highway turns east. it will bring you a visual impact and harvest that is different from the national park. [Horseshoe Canyon] in the Canadian Badlands is an eye-popping sight. Stand on the edge of this huge u-shaped canyon and survey the beauty and mystery of the badlands. The maroon-striped canyon walls reveal the layers of time down to the Cretaceous period when dinosaurs roamed a lush sub-tropical habitat some 70 million years ago.For most, the next stop [Royal Tyrrell Museum] brings the rich fossils found throughout the badlands to life. If you see the world’s largest dinosaur, you’re in the right place. Other nearby highlights are found along the Hoodoo Trail (Highway 10).

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