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Mariupol is a city of regional significance in south eastern Ukraine, situated on the north coast of the Sea of Azov at the mouth of the Kalmius river, in the Pryazovia region. It is the tenth-largest city in Ukraine, and the second largest in the Donetsk Oblast with a population of 436,569 . The city is largely and traditionally Russophone, while ethnically the population is divided about evenly between Ukrainians and Russians. There is also a significant ethnic Greek minority in the city. Wikipedia


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Things to do in Mariupol Ukraine

Here are the Things you may consider visiting in Mariupol Ukraine when Winter. Christmas is celebrated January 7, so before that ...

January 1, 2018

Russian Forces Try To Break Ukrainian Resistance in Mariupol

Another 50 civilians were evacuated from Mariupol's steel plant to Russian-controlled territory. This comes after NBC News ...

May 6, 2022

Russian claims more than 1,000 Ukrainian troops surrender in Mariupol - BBC News

Russia has claimed that more then 1000 Ukrainian soldiers have surrendered in the besieged port city of Mariupol. But a top ...

April 13, 2022

'The situation is very difficult' in Mariupol, Ukraine's president says

Mariupol, the strategic port city, has been the scene of relentless Russian attacks during the seven-week war. SUBSCRIBE FOR ...

April 16, 2022

Ukraine-Russia: What’s happening in Mariupol?

Russian forces have attacked Ukraine after President Vladimir Putin announced he had authorised a “special military operation” ...

February 23, 2022

New Videos Show Mass Grave In Mariupol, Ukraine

Graphic Content. About 1200 people have died in the port city of Mariupol, Ukraine after intense shelling by Russia. Now locals ...

March 10, 2022

War in Ukraine: In Mariupol, the last bastion of Ukrainian resistance surrounded by Russian forces

As Russian forces close in on the southern Ukrainian port city of Mariupol, a small number of resistance fighters hope to slow them ...

April 13, 2022

Ukrainian troops make final stand in Mariupol as Putin's army tightens grip on the east | ABC News

Ukraine's President says Russia has rejected pleas for a temporary ceasefire as Putin's army tightens its grip on the east of the ...

April 22, 2022

Russia's deadline for Ukrainian soldiers to surrender in Mariupol passes

CBC News discusses the situation in the city of Mariupol. The band of fighters who remain in the city are cut off from ...

April 17, 2022

Ukrainians Sheltering In Mariupol’s Steel Plant Running Out Of Time

20 civilians in Mariupol were allowed to leave the Azovstal steel plant, where Ukrainian soldiers are making their final stand.

April 30, 2022

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