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Blue Grass is an unincorporated community on VA 642 at its junction with VA 640 in Highland County, Virginia, United States. Blue Grass lies along the South Branch Potomac River and is located approximately 6.1 miles north of Monterey, Virginia. It was previously known as Crabbottom and Hulls Store before the Board on Geographic Names officially decided upon Blue Grass in 1950. Near Blue Grass is the Devils Backbone rock formation. Wikipedia


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Everglades Airboat Tour from Fort Lauderdale

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Blue Grass, Virginia

Explore the Florida Everglades at Everglades Holiday Park located in Fort Lauderdale with an Airboat Tour, Start your experience by gliding across the River of Grass on a 60-minute Narrated Everglades Airboat Tour with the most knowledgeable Gladesmen in South Florida. Spot exotic wildlife up close, including Florida’s own ancestral dinosaur, the American alligator. With fast speeds, fresh air, and tons of excitement, airboat tours of the Everglades keep the whole family energized with some of the best sightseeing in Florida. Please note: this ticket is for the airboat tour only.

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1-Hour Air boat Ride and Nature Walk with Naturalist in Everglades National Park

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Blue Grass, Virginia

With your expert naturalist guide, head out on an amazing nature walk in Everglades National Park. Immerse yourself in the beauty of different ecosystems in the actual National Park. View a wide variety of birds, alligators, and other wildlife up close! And where it should be experienced, in the wild! We never go to places with animals in cages and pens. With your master naturalist guide, discover the flora and fauna of this wetland wilderness, and the role of water and conservation in this unique national treasure. Then go on an exhilarating 1-hour air boat ride way far out in the River of Grass. This is no touristy type of trip. Become immersed in the fascinating native culture as you visualize their beautiful remote way of life. You can only get there by boat and on this tour! There is time to explore a bit on your own as well. And take in a scenic narrated drive through the Everglades, led by your master naturalist guide.

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Everglades VIP Tour with Transportation Included

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Blue Grass, Virginia

Explore the Florida Everglades as you glide across the River of Grass on an hour-long airboat tour with the most knowledgeable Gladesmen in South Florida. Follow the sights and sounds of the Everglades' majestic landscape.

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Private Airboat Tour!

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Blue Grass, Virginia

Greetings my name is Captain Bill and I am the owner of Cypress Outdoor Adventures. My team and I provide private Everglades airboat rides for you and your party. It is our number one priority to provide our customers with a safe and memorable experience. On your Everglades airboat ride out of Fort Lauderdale you can encounter many types of flora, fauna, birds, reptiles. As we cruise through the back country you will explore this untouched beauty we call the River of Grass.Learn the history of the glades, from its early stages millions of years ago to the development that man has had on this fragile ecosystem. After your airboat ride, you may have learned some interesting facts and will walk away with a better understanding of importance the Florida Everglades ecosystem plays for this region. If you are looking for a Fort Lauderdale airboat tour; give me a call and lets plan your next adventure!

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Everglades Tour in small group with experienced tour guide

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Blue Grass, Virginia

On our Everglades Tour you'll be guided by an actual Everglades specialist with over 10 years if Miami experience. Personal contact is very important for us. That's why our tours only happen in small to medium sized groups, so that each and every one of your questions can be answered by your tour guide. We're looking forward to having you aboard. 'Fast paced' perfectly describes the 60-minute airboat ride through the 'River of Gras' that we hand selected for you. On your trip into this incredibly beautiful natural habitat which is home to alligators, turtles, snakes and plenty of other wild animals you have the chance to make lifelong memories, take in what mother nature has to offer and take stunning pictures that your friends and family are going to cherish. Our airboat ride takes twice as long (60 minutes) and is twice as fast (speeds of up to 49 mp / h) as the competitions. With the passage of the centuries the Everglades have constantly changed and had to face new challenges. Be it drying them out, constructional development, or the invasion of non-native plants and animal species from all over the world. This is the best place for you to experience the incredible biodiversity of the Everglades' unique flora and fauna.

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