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The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising was the 1943 act of Jewish resistance in the Warsaw Ghetto in German-occupied Poland during World War II to oppose Nazi Germany's final effort to transport the remaining ghetto population to Majdanek and Treblinka death camps. After the Grossaktion Warsaw of summer 1942, in which more than a quarter of a million Jews were deported from the ghetto to Treblinka and murdered, the remaining Jews began to build bunkers and smuggle weapons and explosives into the ghetto. The left-wing Jewish Combat Organization and right-wing Jewish Military Union formed and began to train. A small resistance effort to another roundup in January 1943 was partially successful and spurred Polish resistance groups to support the Jews in earnest. Wikipedia


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Treblinka Death Camp 6 Hour Private Tour from Warsaw

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Warsaw Ghetto Boundary Markers, Warsaw

A private tour to The German Nazi Penal Labour and Extermination Camp in Treblinka, where during II World War more than 800 000 Polish Jews were murdered. During this 6 hour tour you will visit the site of the former camps and hear the story of survivors. Treblinka, more specific Treblinka II, is the second biggest death camp, after Birkenau, where German and Austrian Nazis murdered more than 800 000 Polish Jews with dozens of thousands more Poles in forced labour camp nearby. Treblinka is different than any other similar places. You won't see here barracks nor crematories. Jews from Warsaw Ghetto were brought there in unhuman condition by trains and were herded from railway ramp straight to gas chambers. 40 minutes later victims’ bodies were buried in giant mass graves. A thick forest surrounding the area creates almost mystical atmosphere. The beauty of the nature along with an awareness of a big tragedy that happened here to so many innocent people evokes deep emotions.

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POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews and 2 Self-Guided Tours in Warsaw

Warsaw Ghetto Boundary Markers, Warsaw

Learn about the daily lives of the largest Jewish diaspora in Europe. Visit pre-war Nalewki and discover the dramatic fate of Jews imprisoned in the Warsaw Ghetto. Explore the social, religious and political diversity of Polish Jews, through the dramatic events from the past, the Holocaust, and concluding with contemporary times. The Core Exhibition is a narrative: visitors will be drawn into a story told by artefacts, paintings, interactive installations, reconstructions and models, video projections, sounds and words. Complete your experience with 2 self-guided tours in Warsaw: - Warsaw: The Secrets of the Old Town - Warsaw: The habits and traditions of the Poles These tours are available in the Lokimo app. They include ready-to-go itinerary, made by a local guide, GPS navigation, sightseeing descriptions, tips and advices.

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