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Best Things To Do In Yerevan | Armenia Travel Guide

Welcome to Yerevan, the capital of Armenia and one of the oldest cities in the world. We spent a few days exploring Yerevan and ...

November 27, 2021

Top 10 Places to Visit in Yerevan | Armenia - English

YerevanPlaces #PlacesInYerevan Yerevan is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Armenia having many best places in ...

November 19, 2021


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August 16, 2018

THIS Is Why You Should Visit YEREVAN, ARMENIA | Where To Stay, Eat + Drink

Yerevan is the capital city of Armenia and it has SO MUCH TO OFFER. From its gorgeous Republic Square in the heart of the city, ...

June 24, 2021

Best Coffee Shop in Yerevan | The Green Bean

The best Coffee Shop with 4.7 star rate in google and facebook. For Food Photos check my : ...

December 28, 2017

Temple of Garni Fortress and Lake Sevan Adventure!

One of the highlights of our trip! It was the best feeling when we ride the the famous Tsaghkadzor ropeway up to the mountains, ...

June 26, 2019

Armenia 10 Things You can't missed - Things to see and do in armenia

HELLO GUYS In today's video, we will be discussing about some amazing things you can do in Armenia! Situated just at the ...

March 1, 2021

THIS IS ARMENIA | Yerevan City Tour | DXB-EVN | Where to take PCR test? | Must Visit Places (1/3)

Yerevan Armenia is one of the best cities we have visited. It is full of history and has something for everyone! We put together this ...

July 29, 2021

YEREVAN Armenia - Best Things to See & Do

Come and see the highlights of Yerevan with us! The capital of of Armenia is a very underrated city that is worth spending some ...

March 9, 2021

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit ARMENIA Right Now

I can't get over how beautiful Armenia is We need to start talking about this country right now, because with its epic nature and ...

October 23, 2019

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