Glacier National Park Map: 13 Things to See in 4 major Areas of Interest

Planning to visit Glacier National Park soon? With over 1,600 square miles, Glacier is so vast it can be rather daunting to plan a trip. One of the first things we wanted to do is understand the map of the park to get a sense of where the major points of interest are. We were visiting the park for the first time and we really had no idea what it looked like. Since we didn’t find something quite similar, we created this Glacier National Park map to help you visualize the main areas of interest with top things to do on a map. This will help you get started with your planning for your visit to Glacier.

Glacier National Park Map Things to Do

These are the things you want to be sure not to miss when you travel to this jewel of the American west. The pins are in no particular order of priority other than going clockwise from bottom left.

Glacier National Park Map Things to do
13 main points of interest on a Glacier National Park Map. These are the things you do not want to miss!

13 things to do in glacier National Park

Make sure to check out our in-depth guide on visiting Glacier National Park to help you plan your visit!

  1. Apgar Village: Small village in the west side of the park, home to the visitors center and Apgar campground
  2. Lake McDonald: The largest lake in Glacier National Park located in the west side
  3. Avalanche Lake: A short hike from trailhead on Going-to-the-Sun Road, this meltwater lake has an amphitheater like backdrop
  4. Weeping Wall: Natural waterfall that seeps out from the side of the Garden Wall, fed by runoff from snowmelt
  5. Highline Trail: Popular scenic hiking trail stretching 7.6 miles from Logan Pass to Granite Park Chalet with spectacular views
  6. Bullhead Lake: Moderately trafficked 6.9 mile trail in the Many Glacier area. Wildlife sightings (esp Moose) possible.
  7. Josephine Lake: Sister lake of Swiftcurrent Lake with lakeside picnic and view of the Garden Wall & Grinnel Point
  8. Swiftcurrent Lake: Located in popular Many Glacier area, with several scenic hiking trails and home to Many Galcier Hotel
  9. Grinnel Glacier: The most photographed glacier located in the heart of the park, accessed by a challenging 11.3 mile hike
  10. Logan Pass: Located along the Continental Divide, its the highest point on Going-to-the-Sun Road
  11. Going-to-the-Sun road: A 48 mile one way mountainous drive cutting across the park with many scenic stops along the way
  12. Sun Point: Trailhead to the Waterfall loop (3 different waterfalls), and popular spot to view sunset/sunrise
  13. St. Mary Lake: Second largest lake in the park, located in the east side

Glacier National Park Map Areas of Interest

When you’re planning a trip to Glacier, keep in mind these four areas of interest that are all in different parts of the park. They are quite far from each other, so it is not possible to stay in one part and visit the places in another part. For a first time visit, we recommend staying in the east or west side (or both if you have enough days). The North and South part are probably left for subsequent visits to the park.

Glacier National Park Map Areas - Two Medicine, North Fork, Lake McDonald, Many Glacier
Four distinct areas on Glacier National Park Map: Lake McDonald (West), Many Glacier (East), North Fork (North), Two Medicine (South)

#1 The Lake McDonald Area (West)

Though there are over 100 named lakes in the Park, Lake McDonald is the oldest, deepest, and largest of them all. It is approximately 10 miles long and around 500 feet deep at its deepest point.

This place is a fisherman‘s paradise. There are numerous native species of trout, whitefish, landlocked salmon, and suckers. Though it is considered “nutrient-poor”, it doesn’t stop grizzly bears, black bears, and other native animals from choosing this lake as their fishing grounds.

Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park, Montana, USA
Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park

#2 The Many Glacier Area (East)

Many Glacier area is in the east side with dozens of small glaciers, lakes, and trails in all directions. Renowned for fantastic hiking trails, it is a great place to spot both the grizzlies and black bears feasting on berries in preparation for winter. Just make sure you steer clear; at least 100 yards as advised by the park service around these lumbering, graceful, yet dangerous, predators. Most notable is the Grinnel Glacier and Iceberg Lake Trail; a great place to spot bighorn sheep up and close in the springtime and late summer.

Your visit to Glacier National Park would not be complete without a visit to the Many Glacier area. It was certainly our favorite part of the park!

Swiftcurrent Lake in Many Glacier Area, Glacier National Park
Swiftcurrent Lake in Many Glacier Area. Photo by Zetong Li on Unsplash

#3 The North Fork Area (North)

The North Fork is one of the most beautiful and secluded areas of the park that incurs very little foot traffic. Which only means that the wildlife is abundant and the solitude is unparalleled.

Since it is so far out, there are very few amenities, which is perfect if you are a self-reliant type of person. Be sure to plan your trip accordingly. You will definitely want to allow an entire day to drive to and from Kintla and Bowman; make sure to pack a hearty lunch!

Just be careful and ensure your safety as there is no cell phone signal here. But if your cell phone is your main camera be sure to have it fully charged even though you can’t make a call. This part of the park has some of the most beautiful peaks and lakes of the entire National Park Service.

Fog rolls over the Middle Fork Flathead river in Glacier National Park, Montana
Fog rolls over the Middle Fork Flathead river in Glacier National Park, Montana

#4 The Two Medicine Area (South)

Back in the days when visitors were constantly coming to and from the lodges contained in the park, the most visited area by horseback was Two Medicine, a collective region of the park known for its dazzling lakes, beautiful waterfalls, picturesque vistas, and extensive trail systems.

Sinopah Mountain looms in the distance and the Old Two Medicine Store is a beautiful structure that is now a national historic landmark and sits alongside the shores of Two Medicine Lake. Though somewhat off the beaten path nowadays, it is a hidden gem and often referred to as the most beautiful part of the park by many of its visitors.

Two Medicine Lake at Dawn
Two Medicine Lake at Dawn

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