There are so many Vista points in Grand Canyon’s South Rim that it’s hard to pick a favorite. Every spot has it’s own spectacular view. If you like to avoid tourist crowds like we do, skip the Desert View Tower (which is the first viewpoint when entering the park from highway 64 westbound). Instead take the Desert View Drive towards the main visitor center which is about a 30 minute drive. Along the way there are several viewpoints like Navajo point, Lipan point and Moran point. They have fewer people and provide plenty of opportunities for great unobstructed pictures. Our favorite was Lipan point.


Once you’re at the main visitor center, the most popular trail there is Rim Trail. It runs right on the edge of the Canyon and is a flat paved trail all the way to the Grand Canyon village which is about 2 miles. Our favorite was the Bright Angel trail which offers spectacular views along the trail as you hike down the Canyon. The hike is 12 miles one way and goes all the way to the bottom of canyon to the Colorado river. The hike can’t be completed in a single day; you have to camp overnight at the bottom of the Canyon. Like most people on the trail, we just hiked couple hours and then turned around since we weren’t prepared to camp overnight in a tent.