Driving from Grand Canyon to Antelope Canyon (VIDEO)

The drive from Grand Canyon to Antelope Canyon (Page, AZ) is only a couple of hours. Which is why we made the town of Page in Arizona the next stop after Grand Canyon in our epic road trip. If you have an extra day during your visit to Grand Canyon, it is definitely worth a day trip. Besides Antelope Canyon, you could also see the Horseshoe Bend, and Lake Powell that are all near Page.

Almost the entire drive from Grand Canyon to Antelope Canyon is on flat land. You will notice that there are no mountains, no hills, no beautiful landscapes to set your eyes on. It looks like there isn’t anything special at all in that area. If they didn’t have a gazillion signs for tours, you wouldn’t even know that there is a world famous canyon there!

Page has a campground right by the Lake Powell called Wahleap Campground that has amazing views of the lake. But if you want to camp here make a reservation months ahead as they get booked out pretty fast. Unfortunately, we didn’t plan months ahead, and had to camp at another place in town that didn’t have those views.

Wahleap Campground, Page Arizona
View from Wahleap Campground, Page Arizona

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