As we were driving into Death Valley National Park, we saw miles and miles of flat and dry valley surrounded by rugged mountains. It looked like an alien landscape even though there was plenty of vegetation in the valley that amazingly survives the 100+ degree heat and less than 2 inches of rainfall every year. This makes Death Valley the hottest, driest and also the lowest point in earth with several spots being several hundred feet below sea level. We were running late for our destination for the day, but as we drove by we just had to stop by the road side to admire the beauty of the landscape seen no where else on the planet.

The drone shot was taken at this pit stop. The winds were so strong the drone was barely able to stay in place. I was flying it about 100m high and at those heights the winds are even more stronger and not noticeable at the ground level. After just a few seconds of navigating the drone north I noticed it had already drifted 400m away due to strong tailwinds in that direction. It took next several minutes for the drone to fight the strong winds and inch its way back to where we were.

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