Jasper National Park: A Lesser Known Paradise In Canadian Rockies

Jasper National Park

Far in the wilds of western Alberta, one park in the Canadian Rockies can boast in its scenic vistas and pastel-painted landscapes. But perhaps Jasper National Park’s biggest boast is that it is actually the largest National Park in the Canadian Rockies spanning over 4,200 square miles of rugged terrain. The park was named after …

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Visiting Banff National Park, The Crown Jewel of Canadian Rockies

Things to do in Banff National Park

Far to the north, in southwestern Alberta, there is a two and half thousand square mile park that is a pristine and fantastic landscape of the Rocky Mountain System. Part of Canada’s parks system, Banff National park, or ​Parc National Banff ​in French, is the oldest national park in Canada. Established in 1885, this fantastic …

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Top Things to Do In Glacier National Park, Map, Itinerary, Tips & More

Golden hour in Highline Trail Glacier NP

Looking to plan a trip to Glacier National Park, Montana? Far across the western Rocky Mountains in the extreme north of western Montana, this “Crown of the Continent” is a land of melting glaciers, pristine blue lakes, lush green mountain peaks and abundant wildlife. We visited Glacier in the summer of 2019 in an epic road trip covering …

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Hiking the Highline Trail, Glacier National Park, Montana

Enjoying sunset at golden hour in highline trail

In the hiking world, whenever you hear “hiker’s paradise”, Glacier National Park would be on top of the list. The park is home to over 700 miles of hiking trails in the wilderness. You can literally spend weeks hiking the dozens of spectacular hikes here. But if there is one hike that tops them all, …

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Scenic Drive Around Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Road to Grand Teton National Park

Are you planning to visit Jackson Hole, Wyoming soon? One of the first things you should do in the park is take the scenic drive around Grand Teton National Park and soak in the breathtaking scenery before doing any other activity. The park has many turnouts along the road where you can stop and take …

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Top Things to do in Death Valley National Park in 2 DAYS

Death Valley National Park

A lot can be said about our home state of California. It is a land of contrasts, to say the least; with bustling metropolises just a short drive away some of the most scenic landscapes in America. Progressively forward-thinking and yet saturated in history, both written and natural. And to add to it’s a list …

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Top things to do in Grand Canyon: Best Guide & Tips

things to do in grand canyon

There are few things more iconic of the American West than the Grand Canyon. This “hole in the ground” in Arizona is a bucket list item for millions and is one of the most visited parks in the US; Over 5 million people a year visit the canyon. The canyon is a unique combination of …

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Top things to do in Antelope Canyon: Tips & Recommendations

Upper Antelope Canyon Photography Tour

You have seen pictures of the beautiful, swirling, red sandstone rock formations that look like they are from another world. You’ve heard your friends rave about how amazing Antelope Canyon is. Now you’ve decided to see for yourself what those rave reviews are all about! We will share with you some recommended things to do …

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