Grand Canyon’s South Rim Will Take Your Breath Away

Enjoying the grand views of the canyon

There are so many Vista points in Grand Canyon’s South Rim that it’s hard to pick a favorite. Every spot has it’s own spectacular view. If you like to avoid tourist crowds like we do, skip the Desert View Tower (which is the first viewpoint when entering the park from highway 64 westbound). Instead take …

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Exploring the Horseshoe Bend Hike in Glen Canyon at sunset

Sunset at Horseshoe Bend

One of the most spectacular destinations in our epic road trip, the Horseshoe Bend hike is only 15 min drive from Page, AZ and is a 1-mile hike to this amazing view. The horseshoe bend is facing west, which makes it a perfect spot to view sunsets, and they are spectacular! (Although you would be …

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Driving from Grand Canyon to Antelope Canyon (VIDEO)

Sunset at south rim grand canyon

The drive from Grand Canyon to Antelope Canyon (Page, AZ) is only a couple of hours. Which is why we made the town of Page in Arizona the next stop after Grand Canyon in our epic road trip. If you have an extra day during your visit to Grand Canyon, it is definitely worth a …

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Death Valley Sand Dunes, Like Being in the African Sahara! (GALLERY)

sand dunes cover

There are some pretty massive sand dunes in the middle of Death Valley National Park in California. You don’t have to go to the African Sahara to experience these! They are right in the middle of Death Valley National Park, near the Mesquite parking lot. A short walk from the parking lot leads to these …

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Driving from Death Valley to Grand Canyon South Rim (VIDEO)

death valley to grand canyon cover

Our next stop in our epic road trip after Death Valley was Grand Canyon’s South Rim near Cameron, Arizona. The total distance is 430 miles, with mostly flat roads and we covered this distance in about 8 1/2 hours of driving. (We were averaging about 50 miles an hour during our trip due to the …

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Top 5 Things to do in Sequoia and King’s Canyon National Parks

kings canyon things to do cover

When most people think of “big tree” they think of the iconic California Redwood tree. Also known as “the Sequoia”, the redwoods are legendary across this country for their stature and beautiful addition to the natural world around them. And there’s no better place to view these whispering giants than in Sequoia National Park. Sequoia’s …

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