Picnic at Jenny Lake, Grand Teton National Park

Jenny Lake is one of the most popular areas of Grand Teton National Park and is a prime location for scenic tours and motor boating. It also serves as a starting point for many hikers that often choose to hike the dozens of other nearby trailheads.

Area Map

The lake has two separate areas to explore – the North Shore and the South Shore. The North Shore is home to Jenny Lake Lodge and String Lake, another beautiful sister lake with crystal clear waters. The South Shore (which is the more popular among the two) is where the Jenny Lake Visitor Center is. It is also where you take the boat shuttle to cross the lake to the trailheads for Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point.

Jenny Lake Map
Jenny Lake Map

Recommended Route

We recommend starting your Jenny Lake visit at the North Shore, then driving down on Jenny Lake drive (which is a scenic one-way drive) to the South Shore. Spend a few hours walking around the lake on the 7 mile Jenny Lake Loop Trail, take a dip in the lake, or simply relax by the lakeshore with breathtaking views of the towering peaks. If you’re short on time, you could skip the lake altogether and take the boat shuttle across the lake to Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point.

We spent a few hours picnicking by the lake, and it was a fun relaxing afternoon!

Jenny Lake
Picture of a beautiful sunset by Jenny Lake with the shuttle boat stop at a distance
Jenny Lake
Jenny Lake shore
Jenny Lake, Grand Teton National Park
Boat shuttle at Jenny Lake takes you to the trailhead for Inspiration Point, Hidden Falls and Cascade Canyon

If you have already been to Jenny Lake and Grand Teton National Park, let us know in comments what was your experience like. We would love to hear from you! If you planning on visiting Grand Teton, check out our day by day itinerary of our trip to the Tetons.

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